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Let’s give Socialism a shot…shall we… :)

So big freaking deal….what’s wrong if we become a Socialistic country….who cares??
What’s sooo wrong with a society where everyone is “equal?”  What’s wrong with getting rid of the super rich to eliminate the super poor?  What’s so wrong with allowing a few really smart people to decide what’s best for the masses and we just agree?
Capitalism is just a system of greed… right …and it only allows for the rich to get richer….so let’s for a moment imagine the “fair” world of socialism.
Yes, there are some countries that fall into this category but let’s say the United States of America falls into this way of life as well, and if that were to happen to America, the rest of the world would soon follow suit.
So here goes…..
Everyone makes the same amount of money (yay…nice right!), because we all make the same amount of cash, we all pretty much drive the same car, and live in houses that are all about the same size.
Fancy food, clothes, traveling and any luxuries of any sort will no longer be offered because they simply can’t be afforded. Our choices of food and fashion are minimal, so yay….we all get to match….like we did when we were in grade school and called our best friend and told them to wear the same outfit as us!
For all those sports freaks….that world would definitely cease to exist, because the salaries are the same- so many professional athletes would find it senseless to risk their health and bodies playing a sport, when they could just simply sit at a desk.
If you get sick…well, get in line. There are only a few doctors now-because they get paid the same salary as everybody else. Hopefully you don’t die before they get a chance to treat you….
If you have more than two children….well forget it…you can’t afford it, and neither can your neighbor so it’s only fair to have a couple kids.
Your children really have no cause to “dream big” or try to be the best in academics, or any extra curricular activities- because in the end they’ll just grow up, get a job and be like everybody else.
Because socialism suffocates all competition there really is no need for choices or options. We’d shop at the same grocery store, fill our identical cars at the same gas station, eat at the ONE restaurant in town, and go to the ONE movie that’s showing over the weekend….
The desire to invent or create would be pointless. With no reward, few would aspire for greatness, because “greatness” no longer would exist. But that’s fair right. I mean it’s not fair if someone is great and someone is not….
(I could go on and on)
So let’s make it fair…..if we continue in the direction we are headed….Socialism is going to be your reality….unless You…yes… You —DO something about it!
Love the clip below- watch!

We can’t be trusted

I saw this image last week online. I guess it’s been floating around on the internet for some time but this was the first time I saw it. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head, it is disturbing. I think why it bothers me so much is because it holds such truth. I don’t know who the artist was, but they captured a hard reality.
In the last day, the Senate passed a bill in favor of extending unemployment insurance. It was a controversial bill because the argument is obviously -where the hell are we getting the money to pay for this??? There of course was no budget passed to take from another government expenditure, that would be too logical…our good ol’ Congress just said what the hell…let’s keep writing checks we have no way of actually being able to ever really cash!
Then our POTUS today….who was ecstatic to hear that the American people will continue to rely on the government for their survival, made this statement: “I’ve heard the argument that says extending unemployment insurance will somehow hurt the unemployed because it saps their motivation to get a new job … That really sells the American people short. I meet a lot of people as president of the United States … and I can’t name a time where I met an American who would rather have an unemployment check than the pride of having a job.”
Reeeaaaallllyyy…………..???????? I don’t for one second believe him…
Why don’t I believe him? Because if Obama really “believed” in the American people there would be a s*%t load LESS of government involvement. We wouldn’t need to be “babysat!”
If he really “trusted” the American people, than we would be seeing much more of a Libertarian culture and not the forecast of socialism. What we are witnessing is a complete distrust in the American people and the best way to control that, is to get them on the dole.
Yes, there are some that really do need assistance but the majority do not! But if the government 

can begin supporting more and more we will become a society that no longer dreams and is no longer free.

Bigger than a dream

As we enter a new year-hopes, dreams and visions are often topics that are widely discussed.
We tend to set goals and fantasize about what can be or what will be. We have excitement of new beginnings! Some are so thankful to say goodbye to the old year, while others reminisce the moments of what was a great year.
Regardless we all move forward and desire that the year ahead be better than the year now behind us.

With the snow falling outside and the temperatures in the teens, getting the family all dressed and out the door for church was just too much this morning, so instead we listened to a sermon online.

The pastor spoke of dreams and visions…of course suitable for the new year but this also got me thinking….

Now as a mom of two babies under the age of two….my biggest dream is often knowing what I am going to fix for dinner and getting all the laundry done! This is not to say I am not a dreamer…I have chased many dreams already in my lifetime and in return found what I was really looking for.
As mothers “dreaming big” seems like crazy talk! I mean, it kinda says a lot when it feels like my dreams have come true if  I show up at the grocery store when they are offering the “two for one” special on organic chicken! 🙂

But what we do as moms in the simple day to day is sooooo important, it’s absolutely crucial. It’s bigger than any “dream” could be, because it directly, concretely and eternally impacts a life of one or more, and those life’s we have influenced could potentially or possibly effect hundreds, thousands or millions.

We decide the course of our country by what we do or do not do in the day to day with our children. My 21month old watches my every move and at this point it’s hard for him to miss a thing. He models my behavior, and mimics my gestures and I know my daughter will follow suit….
What I do, they will do.
At the same time, our children are little tiny individuals….ummm did I mention I have a 21month old, so we are in full toddler mode right now! Screaming, crying, tantrums, hitting -are all on display-and what I DO or DO NOT  do…will have lasting impacts.
To minimize the roll of a parent literally minimizes the future of our society.

Just look at our country….if parents started parenting we’d see a lot less crap!
If mom’s would just play the role of mother and not ‘best friend’ (at least until the kids are in college)
If dad’s -for god sake-would just be around!
If society would stop diminishing the major and critical role of “Mom” and “Dad.”

Instead of, “most beautiful,” “most sexy” – I think a new cover idea for Time Magazine should be  “Mother of the year” or “Father of the Year.”

It starts in the home. Right now, our futures are crawling around with pacifiers in their mouths and we have the vital role to determine what our futures look like. Let’s aim for excellence….forget the dream-it’s up to us to make it a reality.

The Freedom of Speech

Ughhhhhh! Can I just say that I am so over the ‘Freedom of Speech’ applying to only one particular group…. and…that same group being the front runners for ‘tolerance,’ when in fact there is NO tolerance!

Now let me preface this by saying this is not against homosexuality, those that live that lifestyle will stand before God just like the rest of us. I have loved ones very dear to me that are homosexuals and I love them with all my heart! Disagreeing with something, does not mean that you in any way ‘hate’ and I am sick of this being an automatic label! This assumption is wrong on all accounts and is the very cause of why we live in such a broken world.

I am writing this because I read that Phil Robertson, I guess one of the stars of “Duck Dynasty,” has recently been put on leave because of some of the statements he made in regards to homosexuality. Now I don’t watch the show, I heard it’s great and it is highly rated-so I am not writing this because I am a fan.

This is about the Right to the Freedom of Speech….have you heard of it? Yes, it’s the 1st amendment and it’s a beautiful thing. One of the most amazing freedoms we as Americans have. It’s something that thousands upon thousands of our American soldiers have bled, fought and died for. It is our right to speak freely, without the threat of imprisonment! This amendment also protects our freedom of Religion…our right to worship, what, whom, when and the way we choose.

This Right that we have been given-is being greatly threatened! When we start witnessing people being “let go” or “put on leave” for exercising their constitutional right…we are in danger. Just because one side doesn’t like what they hear from the other side, does Not give them the right to exterminate the voice of that opposing side!

Helloooooo this argument goes both ways! We together must oppose this suffocation that is slowly eliminating our right to utter our thoughts! If our voice is taken we have nothing!

The fact that I can write what I think and feel on this blog, is because of our 1st amendment! We must stand TOGETHER, though we ALL differ with opinion, and fight for our Right to Free Speech and Right to Religion, this gift may go extinct if we don’t speak up and speak out!

Let the Celebs show you how it’s done…mmmkay

I wasn’t going to write anything today, but I read an article that just compelled me to vent a little.

So I guess Adam Levine, “sexiest man alive” has been hired on to promote Obamacare, along with a slew of other ignorant celebrities.
The bummer is I like Adam Levine, I am a fan of ‘The Voice,’ ya ya ya he’s sexy, but not as sexy as my husband of course:)
But when you combine sexy with ignorance….your ignorant.

The fact that he’s going to be promoting something that really isn’t that great of a product and we really have no idea what the long term effects will be AND there is the looming possibility that this product is forecasted to completely destroy private healthcare all together is “slightly” upsetting.

But, what is REALLY upsetting to me is this Hollywood cultish mentality.

They really think they are the popular kids in school. The rest of America is just a bunch of morons that will follow their lead just to be popular. If “they” do it, we really must want to do it, (in order to fit in) it’s pathetic really.
To them, all that exists is the state of California, New York City and Park City, Utah (only in January though) Middle America just writes their paycheck…but they don’t see it that way.

It is a TOTAL “group think” environment. Hey….I was there. I unfortunately know how the whole thing works. Join the Liberals or you don’t work.

The oh so super wealthy in Beverly Hills, rocking their Chloe bags, sipping their latte’s, while driving their Ferrari’s….complaining about how terrible capitalism is! The broke ass server trying to break into the movie industry, succumbing to this naïve thought process in hopes to fit in, abandoning their roots.

The fact that this whole industry views us as pawns who cannot think on our own is what annoys the hell outta me. We must be told what to wear, what to listen to, what to eat and how much, how to look, AND how to VOTE, just straight up bothers me, ughhhh!

Just wait…the onslaught will hit soon….the celebs will be taking to the air waves and social media sites…telling YOU what YOU should do, cause in their world You don’t even know how to wipe your own bootie! For real people…..