Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
Yes, I said it…I dare say it! Merry CHRISTmas!

Now let’s be clear….I don’t say Merry Christmas to offend…and if someone is offended by the mention of “Christ”mas, I’d just like to say take your Scrooge pants off!! Seriously people!

Even if you aren’t a Christian…celebrating Christ’s birth can’t be a bad thing! The man, who I personally believe was/is the son of God, is someone who should be celebrated!

Jesus Christ simply broke all the rules and I love him for it!

He embraced the broken hearted.
Healed the sick.
Loved those who were unlovable.
Exposed darkness.
Brought Light.
Condemned all Hypocrisy.
Broke down all the binding barriers of race, class, and status.
He forgave the unforgivable.
He empowered the individual.
He taught that we can have a direct relationship with God himself.
He stood up to corrupt authority.
He hated religious smarminess.
He embraced those that felt they could and would never be embraced.
He transformed an entire way of thinking/living: love one another.

And he’s still doing this today.
And he taught us to do the same…..

If that isn’t someone to celebrate….than there’s nothing worth celebrating.

Merry Christmas.

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