Bigger than a dream

As we enter a new year-hopes, dreams and visions are often topics that are widely discussed.
We tend to set goals and fantasize about what can be or what will be. We have excitement of new beginnings! Some are so thankful to say goodbye to the old year, while others reminisce the moments of what was a great year.
Regardless we all move forward and desire that the year ahead be better than the year now behind us.

With the snow falling outside and the temperatures in the teens, getting the family all dressed and out the door for church was just too much this morning, so instead we listened to a sermon online.

The pastor spoke of dreams and visions…of course suitable for the new year but this also got me thinking….

Now as a mom of two babies under the age of two….my biggest dream is often knowing what I am going to fix for dinner and getting all the laundry done! This is not to say I am not a dreamer…I have chased many dreams already in my lifetime and in return found what I was really looking for.
As mothers “dreaming big” seems like crazy talk! I mean, it kinda says a lot when it feels like my dreams have come true if  I show up at the grocery store when they are offering the “two for one” special on organic chicken! 🙂

But what we do as moms in the simple day to day is sooooo important, it’s absolutely crucial. It’s bigger than any “dream” could be, because it directly, concretely and eternally impacts a life of one or more, and those life’s we have influenced could potentially or possibly effect hundreds, thousands or millions.

We decide the course of our country by what we do or do not do in the day to day with our children. My 21month old watches my every move and at this point it’s hard for him to miss a thing. He models my behavior, and mimics my gestures and I know my daughter will follow suit….
What I do, they will do.
At the same time, our children are little tiny individuals….ummm did I mention I have a 21month old, so we are in full toddler mode right now! Screaming, crying, tantrums, hitting -are all on display-and what I DO or DO NOT  do…will have lasting impacts.
To minimize the roll of a parent literally minimizes the future of our society.

Just look at our country….if parents started parenting we’d see a lot less crap!
If mom’s would just play the role of mother and not ‘best friend’ (at least until the kids are in college)
If dad’s -for god sake-would just be around!
If society would stop diminishing the major and critical role of “Mom” and “Dad.”

Instead of, “most beautiful,” “most sexy” – I think a new cover idea for Time Magazine should be  “Mother of the year” or “Father of the Year.”

It starts in the home. Right now, our futures are crawling around with pacifiers in their mouths and we have the vital role to determine what our futures look like. Let’s aim for excellence….forget the dream-it’s up to us to make it a reality.

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