Proud to be an American

Only 3 days until the open Ceremony for the 2104 Winter Olympics! I always have enjoyed watching the games-women’s figure skating is probably my favorite but I also love down hill skiing, the snowboarding, the freestyle skiing, and the ski jumping! Cheering for the USA is awesome….but apparently…according to Fort Collins High School -here in Colorado-it’s greatly frowned upon.
Yep…that’s right! A 16 year old Student Council member proposed “Merica Monday” –a day where students were encouraged to wear red, white and blue in support of our US athletes competing in the games. The request was denied. The reason….it might “offend” non-Americans who attend the school.
Reeeeeaaaaallly! Reallllly????….I mean….seriously….are you kidding me!!!????
Although Cinco De Mayo is excitedly celebrated at that same school….”Merica Monday” is offensive.
 I don’t even know how to respond to this….I really don’t. 
 What’s next…let’s ban the 4th of July!??
 I mean we have soldiers willing to die for us and we don’t want to sport our American colors because some might take offense!!!??? Ughhhh!
 We have become so terrified that we might insult someone in this country that we are literally afraid to stand for anything any more!
I can’t believe that Patriotism is now seen as taboo! Am I the only one that thinks this is crazy pants!!!??? Come on people!
Hey-I got news for those people who might be offended-This IS AMERICA and I am PROUD to be an AMERICAN! I’ll even go a step further….America has my heart! I love this country with all my heart and I am not ashamed to cheer and chant “USA,” proudly wave the American flag, loudly state the Pledge of Allegiance, or dress in red, white and blue!
 This country stands for Freedom and the ability to be free! If you are offended at freedom….well fyi….this country just might not be the best suite you…. mmmmkay!
(Update 4:55pm/mt : They are now allowing America Day at the school….so all hope is not lost! Geeez! ) 

A Conservative Momma’s Prayer in this crazy world

A Conservative Momma’s Prayer in this crazy world

God, how am I supposed to do this? How do I raise kids in a world that is running from you?
How do I explain things -that I learned at a much later age -to my children because society has shoved it’s agenda in their faces?
How do I protect their innocence as long as possible? How do I teach them to be leaders and not followers? How do I show them that not everyone gets a trophy in real life? How do I encourage them to not follow the crowd? How do I encourage them to stand up to the bully, and to cheer on the underdog? How do I give them the tools they need to stand strong and be bold in the midst of great adversity? How do I teach them to love people but not necessarily the sin that causes separation from you? How do I show them to speak up when everyone else is silent? How do I cheer for greatness, when average is what’s in? How do I inform them that they may walk alone, when they choose what’s right?

How do I do this?

God, I ask for your strength, your direction, your guidance-I cannot do this on my own-I need you like never before.
I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
In Jesus name- Amen.

Psalms 91 always provides me peace, this verse particularly-“He who dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”

‘Pro birth not Pro Life….’

‘Pro birth not Pro Life….’

I read this a little while ago and want to respond.

First off-it’s a life, even science will tell you it’s a life! If the heart is beating…(those that are reading this-guess what-your heart is beating and if it stops- you most likely are dead!!)

So I am pro LIFE. Just because a life is hidden behind a veil of skin does NOT make it less alive.

After I read this post I was looking at my almost 5month old daughter. As I put her into her pajamas for the night, she smiled and giggled-she has no clue why she’s happy but she was ALL smiles. She has been given life. She has the ability to do and be anything she wants to be-just months ago-I would have been allowed to take that from her according to those who are pro choice.
The ‘pro birth not pro life’ argument stemmed from the accusation that Pro Lifers do nothing to help the child once the child is born-implying that we don’t financially aid their survival. This is simply not true.
The Pro Lifers do tend to be anti-big unions, excess waste and less federal government invasion i.e (the Dept of Education) , and teacher’s unions (the majority of the money goes to Administrators and not the students -just so you know)

Test scores, the success rates of students post graduation, and our ranking worldwide have dropped tremendously since the Dept of Education was founded in 1980. So what are they doing with the billions of dollars they receive each year? ????!!!! It’s a money pit! But you see…it “sounds” warm and fuzzy doesn’t it “the dept of education” it does do great in campaigning. Campaigning…that’s right…it’s not about the kids at all really(if it were, we’d be leading academically in every category worldwide)-but shoot whatever wins elections eh! Hmmmm, if I am correct we were pretty strong competitors worldwide before this Dept was formed, but hey…average is trending so I guess it’s ok…. 
The fact that we believe children are individuals and can’t be categorized, put in a box, or learn under ONE mass curricula does not makes us anti child!
The fact that we are Pro School choice means that we believe that children should be able to go to a school that best suites their needs.
The fact that we want teachers to teach because they love teaching and are not in the field because they are tenured makes us pro child!
The fact that we expect schools to excel -and kids STAY and we believe if the school does not excel that the kids find a better school -makes us pro child!
So before ya rattle off something that is cliche and seriously over played by the liberal left ….think…that’s right, think or better yet…tap into that heart of yours…the one that started beating 18 days after you were conceived. 

You know, I am truly amazed that Pro Choice advocates are all about the ability to CHOOSE but what about the unborn’s right to CHOOSE??? Please clarify me on this will you?

Pro Life Pro Birth Pro Child

Hillary 2016!!!

Hillary 2016…..yay!!! (Cough, choke, gag, cough…)

My youngest sister is getting her graduate degree at a small southern college. When she was back home over the holidays she told me a story that literally just shines light on the total voting ignorance of the majority of Americans.
She says that she was conversing with some other students and the topic turned to politics. A young woman loudly proclaimed: ‘Oh shoot… I am Aaaalllll about Hillary 2016, yawl!’
My sister, when hearing this said, ‘really….why?’
The young woman just said, ‘I just am.’ My sister pursued…’no tell me why!? Tell me why Hillary Clinton would make a great president?’
The girl replied ‘she just would ok…’
That Right there is why we are where we are as a country!
People readily backing a candidate just cause.

Hmmmmm… is it because she wears a skirt? Is it because it’d ‘cool’ to have a woman president…that’s right ‘cool!’ Yay let’s make history- high five!
Please tell me, is it cool to be lied to? Have we just accepted the fact that the truth from Politicians is unobtainable and that perpetual lying is now the norm?
Families were told that their child was murdered because of a film on you tube. When this lie was completely concocted and created so that the current president would be reelected. If there was terrorism still rapidly thriving when the President said it wasn’t, that would simply look bad and could hurt in the polls. So Hillary lies, it was a “you tube” video, yes -a straight up lie.
What’s sad is we forget. We forget about those four dead men in Benghazi.
We forget that they had families, families that want the truth, families that deserve the truth.
We forget to use our brains as women and not our bodies when picking candidates.
We forget that women’s rights go way beyond birth control and reproduction and we have let them be reduced to that.
We forget to demand truth from our elected officials.
We forget that those elected work for We the people!
We forget that jumping on the bandwagon-may feel good at the time. but the lack of research exposes our own foolishness. 
 So….Before you slap that 2016 bumper sticker on your car- ask yourself why and please-KNOW why!

Why talk politics?

Why talk politics….?
I mean let’s just all get along right?
Why ruffle the feathers, why stir the pot? Let’s just agree to disagree….you do your thing and I’ll do mine.
I just don’t want to upset anyone or cause controversy ya know….

Ughhhh-If I chose to succumb to this -perhaps desired by many silence just to appease -than I have no spine. Worse, I’d be a traitor…not to my country alone but to what’s most important to me-my children.

Oh please…stop being so dramatic…you might say…..well…. I say wake the hell up!

While the majority of Americans have been busy with their own lives, and trusting the Government to handle the political ‘stuff ‘ our country has gone to s%*t!
Poverty is at an all time high, more people are on food stamps than ever, we are no longer viewed as the strong world leader and the federal debt has increased 90% since Obama has taken office and is expected to double before he bids farewell….(
Do you realize if we don’t stop spending like we are, our kids don’t have a chance! Each tax payer currently and technically is more than roughly $148,021in debt! What if the bill collector wants to collect? Who says your own checking, saving or 401k is safe?
Oh but that would be unconstitutional and would infringe on your rights…right? Ummmm have you not noticed that the current administration is literally making a mockery of your constitutional rights daily???? What rights you have are being taken…..slowly and steadily.

 “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.” — Adolf Hitler

You see, if I just do nothing, if I just stay quiet, than my children will never know I cared.

Burying your head in the ground is only going to fuel this fiasco!

Get informed. 

                                                             Speak up and Speak out.