The Freedom of Speech

Ughhhhhh! Can I just say that I am so over the ‘Freedom of Speech’ applying to only one particular group…. and…that same group being the front runners for ‘tolerance,’ when in fact there is NO tolerance!

Now let me preface this by saying this is not against homosexuality, those that live that lifestyle will stand before God just like the rest of us. I have loved ones very dear to me that are homosexuals and I love them with all my heart! Disagreeing with something, does not mean that you in any way ‘hate’ and I am sick of this being an automatic label! This assumption is wrong on all accounts and is the very cause of why we live in such a broken world.

I am writing this because I read that Phil Robertson, I guess one of the stars of “Duck Dynasty,” has recently been put on leave because of some of the statements he made in regards to homosexuality. Now I don’t watch the show, I heard it’s great and it is highly rated-so I am not writing this because I am a fan.

This is about the Right to the Freedom of Speech….have you heard of it? Yes, it’s the 1st amendment and it’s a beautiful thing. One of the most amazing freedoms we as Americans have. It’s something that thousands upon thousands of our American soldiers have bled, fought and died for. It is our right to speak freely, without the threat of imprisonment! This amendment also protects our freedom of Religion…our right to worship, what, whom, when and the way we choose.

This Right that we have been given-is being greatly threatened! When we start witnessing people being “let go” or “put on leave” for exercising their constitutional right…we are in danger. Just because one side doesn’t like what they hear from the other side, does Not give them the right to exterminate the voice of that opposing side!

Helloooooo this argument goes both ways! We together must oppose this suffocation that is slowly eliminating our right to utter our thoughts! If our voice is taken we have nothing!

The fact that I can write what I think and feel on this blog, is because of our 1st amendment! We must stand TOGETHER, though we ALL differ with opinion, and fight for our Right to Free Speech and Right to Religion, this gift may go extinct if we don’t speak up and speak out!

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