Is willful ignorance incurable?

I was upset earlier this week. I read a rant by a guy who hates Trump, I shouldn’t have read it, I should have just scrolled on, but I didn’t. My hope has been that if President Trump accomplishes enough good for America, then people will wake up from their Mainstream Media brainwashing. They would see what I see.

I do believe that a large percentage of free thinking people are waking up. Trump’s approval polling numbers among Black American men have doubled over the past month. Why? Because Black Unemployment is at a historic low 5.9%, and female job seeking has hit a low too -now at 3.4%. Jobless claims are the lowest they have been in 44 years! Even the Trump hating New York Times stated: “We have run out of words to describe how good the job numbers are.” Before anyone contributes the booming economy to Obama, let’s remember that Obama said on June 1st 2016 some “jobs aren’t coming back,” and we needed to accept that fact. The fact is this booming economy we are experiencing has everything to do with Trump policies – cutting the corporate tax rate and cutting regulations. This has allowed hundreds of companies to give bonuses, pay wage increases, and hire! These policies are helping America and Americans.

I talked to my dad about how some people can’t see it. My dad is a successful entrepreneur, who succeeded by working harder and longer than anyone else around him. He told me that some will always refuse to see the truth. Some will always allow emotions to dictate their mindset. They choose to not educate and inform themselves on the difference between policies that work and policies that are all hype and do nothing to SOLVE problems. He called this “willful ignorance,” and told me it was incurable -brutal huh.

This reminded me of Matthew 8, where Jesus casts demons out a man who was possessed, and sent the demons into a herd of pigs nearby -that then ran off a cliff. After this happened the townspeople were upset with Jesus, and asked him to leave! Here Jesus saves a mans life by setting him free from demonic possession and the townspeople wanted Jesus gone! To be in the presence of God’s son, and asking him to leave is crazy to me! These people were willfully ignorant, they did not want the truth (Jesus). Instead these people were upset that their pigs were now gone.

I can quote fact after fact. I can show statistics and I can always perform Satire. Those that have open ears, and eyes, and minds, will be reached. But there are some that no matter what I do, they will not hear it. They will not see it. My dad said this is incurable, I have to have hope though that even the hardest of hearts can be softened through prayer.

In the mean time, I will keep doing what I do, in hopes to reach those with open minds.

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Religious Liberty Wins!

In a 7 to 2 Ruling, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of baker Jack Phillips! The Christian Colorado based baker who refused to design and create a wedding cake for a gay couple. Phillips was more than willing to sell a cake to the couple and other products he offered in his store, but he was not willing to be commissioned to create a cake for a wedding that his faith objected to.


This had nothing to do with discrimination and everything to do with religious liberty and our right to exercise our 1st Amendment Right as American citizens. A private business owner can not and must not be forced by the Government to go against their faith.

*This story will be updated with further commentary as more details emerge

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This is hilarious: “Starbucks Sensitivity Training.” MUST WATCH!

Okay, I needed to laugh and this was sent to me through email and I have to share it! It’s hilarious, had me crying.

Today over 8,000 Starbuck’s stores across the country have closed their doors for “anti-bias” sensitivity training.  Around 180,000 employees at Starbucks stores and at its headquarters are taking the training from a “tool kit” and the intention is to “focus on understanding prejudice and the history of public accommodations in the United States.” Future training will address “all aspects of bias and experience.”

I could care less that they are closed. I haven’t had Starbuck’s in years. The minute they started pushing the Liberal lefitist political agenda- I was out.

The reason this training is taking place is because back in April, in Philadelphia, a Starbuck’s manager called the police- because two Black Men in the store were staying in the store but not buying anything and one was denied to use the restroom because they were not a paying customer. The police arrested the men for trespassing but later let them go and apologized for the incident.

So now Starbuck’s is letting anyone in the store -paying or not paying, and they are free to use the restroom! This has caused some drama, because some have wanted to sleep in the restrooms, and there has been drug use and other uncouth behavior taking place. It’s kind of a cluster F for Starbuck’s.

So here’s to their “Sensitivity training” ……enjoy 😉

Roseanne’s show- CANCELED, my thoughts.

Let me preface this by saying, I love Roseanne. Being a woman that comes from the acting world and uses comedy to influence – I think Roseanne is in a league of her own. She is pure talent.

Today ABC Network canceled the most popular sitcom on television-“Roseanne” after Roseanne tweeted a comment about Obama’s former senior adviser Valerie Jarret.

“Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.” -The VJ standing for Valerie Jarret. 2018-05-29_1240

Rosanne did apologize:…..2018-05-29_1244

……But the damage was done and swift action was immediately taken by ABC’s  Entertainment President Channing Dungey: “Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show.”

I wish ABC would have been as quick to give Joy Behar the boot after her appearance on the View on February 13 ,2018. Behar slammed Vice President Pence’s faith by saying that hearing from Jesus is actually called “mental illness.” That is an insult to every Christian out there- and is extremely offensive-but not a word from ABC!

Or let’s also look at comedian Michelle Wolf-who said insanely hateful and mean spirited things about Sarah Huckabee at the White House Correspondence Dinner, and what happened to her? Oh right- she got a show on Netflix! And Liberal Bill Maher comparing our President to an Orangutan is totally fine too-

The double standard and treatment of Conservatives versus Liberals is sickening. Liberals can slam the right with no consequence, but if a Conservative slams the left- their life is ruined.

Now, I’m not going to excuse Roseanne’s actions, she should not have tweeted this about Valerie Jarret. Insulting the outer appearance of any individual, will lose the argument every single time. Win the argument by KNOWING more than your opponent. Win the argument with FACTS. Win the argument with STATISTICS. Insults only allow your opponent to claim victim-hood- don’t let them!

We are free in this country to speak freely, that’s are First Amendment right, but we are not free from the consequences. We have stopped THINKING before doing as a society. We want to be witty, quick and clever and often it’s done carelessly-I am guilty of this. I am sure Roseanne would take this tweet back in a heartbeat if she could. I have tweeted things I shouldn’t have, and I know I have definitely said things I shouldn’t have – I am fallible, I am human.

I will truly miss Roseanne’s show. She is a gem, and has the ability to address political issues through situation comedy- which is not an easy feat. I believe in second chances and perhaps another network out there does too.

Love you Roseanne-


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GOP now leads Reuters generic ballot daily tracking poll, if Midterm Election was held today!!! (VIDEO included)

I keep hearing about a “Blue Wave,” I’ll be honest the sound of it turns my stomach, it make me nauseous just thinking about it. That’s why I do what I do, that’s why I speak up and speak out for The Truth! After Trump won, people went nuts! We saw protests, marching in the streets, the birth of ANTIFA… was a hostile divisive time. I mean in the left’s eyes-we just elected Hitler. Democrats and the Media literally acted like the Apocalypse was at hand, the end was upon us!


We saw the most “tolerant” individuals become the most intolerant. Everything Republicans, Conservatives or Trump supporters supported became classified as “hate-filled” or racist. We witnessed the Mainstream Media expose themselves as a wing of the Democrat Party, fueling divisive propaganda. Politics were not allowed to be discussed at family gatherings because people were ticking time bombs that would literally explode if you said you supported Trump. I had a distant relative who claims to be soooo tolerant write me and tell me I was “hate filled.” Why? Because I support a limited government? Because I defend life in the womb? Because I believe in U.S. sovereignty? Because I believe if we put America first the rest of the world is also strengthened? Because I believe in fiscal responsibility? Because I believe in school choice? Because I believe in individual liberty? Because I believe the Constitution must be adhered to? Because that is what a Conservative is! It was not my support of Conservatism that made me “full of hate,” it was the fact that I supported and do support our President.  It was because I was able to set emotion aside and focus on Policy. I was able to shut out the propaganda and noise. I would not allow myself to be set off by a tweet I didn’t like, words spoken in private over a decade ago, speeches taken completely out of context and so forth-I was armed with the truth and when you are, nothing can shake you.


Over the last year and a half I have received message after message of people telling me they are waking up. They are finding the truth. Democrats telling me that will never vote Democrat again. Left wing hippies telling me they appreciate the fact that a poltician is not sitting in the Oval Office. Liberals, laughing at my satire and writing to tell me they can agree on a few things with me. I am personally witnessing a transformation.  Most recently we witnessed figureheads in culture speak out in support of free thought. Chance the Rapper and Kanye West, encouraging free thinking.

2018-05-22_1352 2018-05-22_1349

More and more individuals across the country have become determined to find the truth at all costs, even if the truth exposes ones own fallacies.  Logic has began replacing emotion. Group Think is now being challenged. Everything that can be shaken is being shaken and when the dust settles only truth will remain standing. I want to be on the side of truth. That is my quest. I want to know the truth in every facet of life. To wholeheartedly disagree with Oprah, there is not a “your truth” or “my truth” there is only THE TRUTH. Facts will win the argument in every debate. More are no longer allowing their emotions to be manipulated because emotion in decision making is being abandoned.

Mid-Terms are around the corner. On November 6th people will either vote for the policies that Trump has implemented or they will reject them.  For the first time this cycle, the GOP is now leading the Reuters generic ballot daily tracking poll  38.1% to 36.7%, Dems were up double digits in April…..2018-05-22_1140

My question is what is the Democrat strategy going to be? Whether you are a Democrat, Conservative, Libertarian, Independent….. the policies that Trump has implemented have been GOOD for America and EVERY AMERICAN. Perhaps the below video is the strategy that will be used by the Dems to get out the vote in November….

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