If you care about preserving Conservatism, you’ll vote for Trump.

I want to get this one thing clear right here, right now: There is NO holding your breath and voting for Trump. Trump IS the right choice for America RIGHT NOW.

After watching Ted Cruz give an absolutely eloquent speech last night about freedom and then telling everyone to “vote their conscience” which is code (or not even code, it’s obvious) for “Never Trump,” I am now certain more than ever Trump is the man for the job. This pious “Never Trump” movement reminds me of the Pharisees and Sadducees in the Bible and Jesus could not stand it, and neither can I! I am getting endless lists of reasons on why these Never Trump’ers are going to “write in” Cruz, or not even vote because of what a “horrible monster” Trump is. I am sure Jesus got a list of reasons why he shouldn’t hang out with the tax collectors, or speak to the woman at the well too. This high minded mentality is destructive and not life-giving at all.

I could get into a theological debate, but instead- I am going to tell you why Trump IS the man for the job and it comes down to ONE issue.

Securing our borders.

So your big issue is Trump is not Pro-life enough, He’s not pro 2nd Amendment enough, he’s too brash, he is this….he is that….he is Not Conservative, he’s a secret Socialist, he’s a narcissist, he’s not a Christian, he won’t support the Constitution…..etc etc etc…..folks, I have heard it all….seriously….I don’t think anyone could tell me something about Trump that I have not already heard. While Republicans and Conservatives are nitpicking over Trumps numerous fallacies our borders remain wide open.

Trump was the first candidate to aggressively confront our horrible illegal immigration catastrophe. He was the first to bet his whole candidacy on doing something about it! Over 300, 000 illegal immigrants come across our borders each year. The majority of these individuals become dependent on our welfare system and enslaved to it. With Hillary as President the nomination of liberal Supreme Court Justices becomes a reality and it’s open borders and Amnesty for all! Those dependent on the government vote Democrat-simple as that. So while Cruz is fantasizing about a 2020 run, four years from now, Conservatives and Republicans will be outnumbered. So much of the American population will be on the government dole that there’s no way a Conservative would EVER be elected into the Oval Office ever again. Every Conservative value you hold dear-gone. There won’t be a fight because our voice will be so drowned out by the majority. You think it’s bad now…you ain’t seen nothing yet! America will be looking like Europe before you will even be able to say ‘Europe,’ Liberal ideology is spellbinding and moves maliciously fast.

If our borders are not secure nothing else matters, it won’t matter. First we must secure our borders. I believe Donald Trump can get this done. Congress has to be moved to secure the border, being one of the top negotiators in our country, I believe Trump holds the skills to get this accomplished.  From here….we begin to take back Conservative ground. I am a Conservative. I hold conservative principles close to my heart. I believe in them, and more importantly I believe they work, I know they do. It is because I am principled in preserving and protecting these values, I am voting for Donald Trump.

How can I say that?!! Cruz believes the opposite and he is “so” principled….nahhh I think when someone opts to break their word and stand in front of millions and declare “Never Trump” to ensure a Hillary victory so that there is a chance at furthering their own political career….”principled” is no more……this is known as selfishness.

I am an American. My loyalty to my country comes before any personal ambition of my own and because of this I will support Trump. It is because I am a Conservative I will vote for Trump. It is because all of my individual liberties matter that I will vote for Trump. This is our last stand as Conservatives. It is our last hope.

If the borders are not secure….we lose it all.



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In Love with a Memory -Guest Column

By Lydia Barbara
Over two hundred years ago this country battled for its freedom. Brave men and women fought for something greater than themselves. They fought for a dream, an aspiration, a belief that they felt within their bones, deep down in their hearts.
I love this country. I love what it stands for, what it reminds people of, what it means to so many. I love that our history is one filled with bravery, honesty, and wrestling against all odds. I love that my heritage is wrapped in men and women leaving everything they had to pursue everything they dreamed of. I love that my days of old are enveloped with people who worked from the ground up, coming from nothing and making something admirable with their lives. I love that the American dream is what this country was known for. I love that patriotism was truly what set us apart, that one’s love for country burned in their spirits as bright and hot as the sun. I love that our foundation was built upon Christian values and beliefs, that the God of this land is the One and Only King, the creator of all things.
As I sat on my back porch and watched the sun set it dawned on me that I am in love with something I never had. I’m madly head over heels with a story I never lived. The America in my mind is no longer the America we found in 1776. The America I see today is not the united force Washington, Adams, Franklin, Jefferson, Hamilton, and Monroe created so long ago. In my lifetime I have never seen a country crowned with brotherhood, yet I picture it so clearly in my mind that I somehow believed it still existed. The America I have known is not filled with unity but rather political correctness, hatred, judgment, anger, confusion, resistance, dishonesty and denial.
When I sing the National Anthem I sing of the America that was, not the America that is. When I look at the mountain on which America the Beautiful was written I look upon a time of old, a song of something I have never seen. When I picture Patriotism I see men and women united in pride in the fact that they are American and that America is the greatest country in the world, but the picture in my mind is not the reality before me. We have forgotten who we are and what we stand for. We have allowed the memory of our forefathers to become tainted and confused. We no longer know why America is great or why being an American is the best title one could have.
I will fight for this country but I now know I fight for a reflection, not the picture itself. I fight for the past, not the present. I believe in what this country was, but question what it is. I love what this country was made of, but hurt for what it has become. I will believe, even if it’s ignorance, that one day the America in my mind becomes the America I see before me.
I am a Christian untied with my forefathers, I am a patriot standing with their memory. I am an American, I too will fight for a dream I feel in my bones and so deep in my heart, just like those men and women in 1776. Thank God for that purple mountain majesty, thank God we are free because of the brave, thank God for the star spangled banner. Thank God we are one nation under God.
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No….they are not the same.

I am so over people saying that Trump and Hillary are the same….ummm not in the slightest. For anyone to make the blanket statement that they are the same is straight arrogance. Trump has been living in the private sector his whole life, Hillary on the other hand is a career politician, who has been living off the tax payer dole her whole life. For one to say they know what a Trump presidency looks like is asinine….you can’t know.

We do know though what a Hillary Presidency looks like….scandal….lots and lots of shady scandals.

I thought I’d share this visual I posted on social media earlier today:

#TheyAreNotTheSame #CrookedHillary


Never Trumpers

To the Never Trumpers…please inform your conscience it’s a Liberal.

To the Never Trumpers “Vote your conscience” crowd……get over yourselves.

You didn’t like the results of the Primary elections held across America so you are now throwing a tantrum. A tantrum that could quite possibly result in

1) A Hillary Presidency and

2) 3-5 Liberal Supreme Court Judges being appointed.

These two things directly affect me, but more than that-they affect my children. Your spoiled brat mentality is now impeding on my children’s future & this momma ain’t having it!

So….you are a Never Trumper, well I am a Never Hillary, did you get that NEVER HILLARY –ever!

Your ‘vote your conscience bull-crap’ is just that….A LOAD of bull crap.

You throwing in a third candidate at the convention is a declaration of a Hillary Presidency.

You are so upset that your candidate didn’t get the delegates needed to clinch the nomination that you’d rather have Hillary than Trump….and that is straight up disgraceful and selfish!

You see….I know what a Hillary Presidency looks like, it’s not just a display of endless pantsuits and a trail of dead bodies following her career, no it is an exact replica of the last 8yrs……

It looks like 50 million & counting Americans living in poverty.

It looks like more & more jobs shipped overseas.

It looks like an even higher corporate tax rate.

It looks like a continued elimination of the middle class.

It looks like the media continuing to report of job increases- when in fact they neglect to count the millions of Americans who have stopped looking for work.

It looks like less sovereignty over all our trade negotiations.

It looks like us continuing to have our asses handed to us by terrorists.

It looks like the vast majority of Americans receiving government assistance.

It looks like more illegal immigration.

It looks like the continued implementation of taking from the ‘haves’ to give to the ‘I’d rather sit on my couch & play video games than get a job’ “have-nots.”

It looks like less religious liberty and more censorship.

It looks like more government intrusion on our 1st, 2nd, 4th,  and 10th,  Amendment Rights.

It looks like more apologizing for being the land of the free and the home of the brave.

It looks like blaming law abiding gun owners and not the mental nut-jobs.

It looks like more tip-toeing around the fact that Radical Islam exists & they want us dead!
It looks like:





Fast and Furious

Solyndra etc etc etc……..

It looks like the IRS specifically targeting conservatives.

It looks like me like more Black Lives Matter and less All Lives Matter.

It looks like Obamacare.

It looks like Sanctuary Cities.

It looks like the total mismanagement of the VA.

It looks like a whole lot more pleading the 5th on accountability.

It looks like Executive overreach on steroids.

It looks like 3-5 liberal Supreme Court judges being appointed.

It looks like Bill Clinton back in the White House.

It looks like taking money from countries that treat women like animals and execute gays for being gay.

It looks like “Russian Re-set.”

It looks like erased emails….a helluva lot of important erased emails.

It looks like someone who hasn’t driven a car in 25 years saying they know what the average Americans needs are.

It looks like permanent career politicians making decisions they have no business making.

It looks like a bunch of hashtags trying to stop terrorism.

It looks like Bill Clinton, who vacations with convicted pedophile Jeffery Epestein, living again in the White House (This one needed to be repeated, I mean seriously….this should be reason enough people).

So while you fantasize about a third candidate jumping in at the convention, getting the nomination & then winning the General election-Reality is placing Hillary behind the desk in the Oval Office.

Is your conscience cool with this?

If so please remove yourself from the Republican Party….and climb on the Hillary Train….

….oh wait…you’re already on it.

P.S. Inform your conscience it’s a Liberal.


Keepin it real on border security….

First, my thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Brussels. To the friends and families who are mourning the loss of their loved ones -may you find comfort, and in time… peace.

Radical Islamic Terrorism has a monstrous appetite that cannot be quenched. There is no quick fix, no fast remedy, no “counseling” kumbaya session that will resolve our differences. These extremists want you dead, they want your kids dead and everyone who does not believe the way they do =DEAD. Combating a religious ideology is an endless game….without closure.

We as Americans have sat and watched Europe’s borders slowly erode because securing borders is somehow now deemed as “racist.” We have watched political correctness take the lives of those in Paris and now the lives of those in Brussels. We have watched Germany swing open its arms to immigration and in return German women have become victims of rape and are told to cover up, crime has increased and migrants are now suing because they have not received benefits fast enough…..seriously…seriously.

“Let’s be really honest about this: Immigration without assimilation is not immigration; it’s an invasion” –Bobby Jindal. These words couldn’t be more true.

We have also witnessed the loss of life here in America because of our lax enforcement of immigration. Here is a list of just some of those victims whose lives were cut short because our current administration refuses to enforce our immigration laws. At some point under the Obama administration ILLEGAL immigration became the same thing as LEGAL IMMIGRATION…..and I am here to tell you they ARE NOT THE SAME. We have also witnessed the rise of Sanctuary cities, which are places that shelter illegal immigrants, they are breeding grounds for lawbreakers, criminals and those who wish to do us harm -and they should be abolished immediately!

No, it’s not heartless….no it’s not racist, no it’s not inhumane-it’s reclaiming sovereignty and protecting American citizens.

Democrats don’t want the border secure because they want the votes and Establishment Republicans don’t want the border secure either because they want cheaper labor…..

As a mom, I want my kids safe. I want to be able to attend a crowded event without the fear that some loony nut-job isn’t going to go all suicidal crazy. This doesn’t make me racist, heartless or a bigot- it makes me a mom. A mom who will do whatever it takes to keep her children safe and securing the border betters my chances.

When you head to the ballot box this November you’ll have a choice. A choice to vote for someone who will secure our borders, enforce our immigration laws, and reclaim America’s sovereignty, or you can choose someone that will keep playing Russian Roulette with our borders for political gain….

the choice is up to you.





No, I am not freaked out over Trump being the nominee.

I feel like it has been forever, and it has been been, since I have written anything! So much has happened since I last blogged-for starters I had a baby! Yep, she came a month early-but she is healthy and well. I also am working on a US Senate campaign. So with 3 children 3 and under and countless sleepless nights, I haven’t had much free time. That being said….I feel compelled to state my opinion on something. I may lose readers on this one….but so be it.

I am not at all freaked out by Donald Trump being the nominee. Whaaaaaat….did I just say that…yes, yes I did.

The vast majority of both Conservatives and Democrats loathe him. Most conservative pundits-Glen Beck, Rush, Levin, and many journalist I follow have repeatedly stated Trump is NOT Conservative. Marco Rubio most recently has said that Trump is a con man and that we are all being played. The Pope has implied that Trump is not a Christian, and most of my Conservative role models have done everything but hire a hit on Trump!

Now the Democrats can’t stand him either. According to them-Trump is a racist, womanizing narcissist!

Ok….so…let’s address all this shall we!

Let’s first tackle that Trump isn’t a conservative. I agree….if you put him next to Ted Cruz….Trump looks like a lefty. Most Conservatives out there would vote for Ted Cruz over Trump time and time again, I get it. I do- I am a Conservative. But I heard a wonderful analogy the other day that I have to share.

Let’s say you have been on a vacation for a while, you return home to find your home totally infested with cockroaches. Ughhh right….I mean, they are everywhere! You don’t recognize your home-it’s totally uninhabitable. So you hear about this guy. This guy is said to be able to clean up any uninhabitable home quick-he’s done it time and time again with other homes. This guy though is not so easy on the eyes, he smells horrible-like a dumpster full of dirty diapers, he has the mouth of a sailor and most of his demeanor is absolutely without a doubt repulsive. At this point you don’t care what the guy says, smells like or looks like-you just want those cockroaches gone! So-you hire him for the job.

That’s Trump.

We are 19 Trillion Dollars in debt. 94 million Americans can’t find a job. 50 million Americans are living in poverty. We have got illegal guns, terrorists, and drug traffickers crossing our southern border daily. Christians including children- are being beheaded, crucified and murdered routinely in the Middle East. We no longer lead as a country, we have “lead from behind” these last 8 years…and well….look at the result….

As a mom, my two biggest concerns are securing the border and our economy. I want to know my kids will be safe from those that wish to do us harm and I want to be able to afford to send my children to college when the time comes.

Yes, I like Ted Cruz and Rubio is “okay” …..but what do they know about jobs? Have they created jobs? Do they know how incredibly hard it is to take 1 million dollars and turn it into 10 billion dollars? That’s not an easy accomplishment people and Trump did it. Oh but he has had bankruptcies and failed businesses…..ummmm so has anyone who has ever been an entrepreneur-Henry Ford,  Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison…..I could go on and on. In reality most start ups fail. You can call Trump every name in the book- but an idiot isn’t one of them-an idiot can’t be worth 10 billion dollars.

My other deep concern as mentioned is securing our border. Trump was the first to come strait out of the gate saying let’s build a wall across the southern border to secure our sovereignty. Others followed suit but Trump was the first-that’s leadership and we are sorely lacking leadership right now as a country. Now let’s be real….Establishment Republicans do not want our borders secure. They want to hire cheaper labor and keeping our borders open allows for just that. But here’s the deal- this very wish to keep our borders open by the Establishment-would be the death of the Republican Party, because all those incoming votes-would vote Democrat.

Would it be my dream to get a Conservative elected-yes, it would be. But just take a moment and look around. We have got a country where a vast majority of individuals are honestly  considering a Socialist as their nominee. A guy who is in debt of his own, has no logical basis or understanding of economics, didn’t hold a job till he was in his 40’s, and is the definition of career politician-Bernie Sanders. Do you think, if you are honest with yourself that the country is ready to elect a hard core Conservative? No….no they are not. They are considering a Socialist right now….a strait up Socialist-Conservatism is the opposite of Socialism!

Trump….like him or hate him….is more of that middle ground that we need to tackle first.

The first step to prove conservatism works to the naysayers would be through the implementation of conservative principles in our economy and Trump would do that. Baby steps people….baby steps.

Now let’s discuss why the Democrats hate Trump.

“He’s a narcissist, bigot who hates women!” Well….that’s at least what I keep hearing.

Ok…narcissist…..perhaps. But let’s be honest, anyone who considers themselves worthy of running the most powerful country in the world has got to have a dose or two of narcissism. Napoléon Bonaparte, Mahatma Gandhi, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt are just some who are said to have been narcissists as well. Do I like narcissists….no…..(but I wouldn’t like the guy above that can get rid of the cockroaches either) but this disorder can also be used for good. Narcissists get crap done! A person that gets the job done doesn’t have to be “likable” -they just have to get the job done!

A Bigot. Because he wants to secure the border. A country without borders, is not a country. All of Trumps comments on race have been in regards to securing the border. His blatant statement on banning Muslims was not done in the best fashion at all…..but the intention was innocent. If you knew that bananas coming from Brazil could be deadly….would you put a hold on bananas entering the country from Brazil until you knew they were no longer deadly? I would. Trumps “wording” was wrong-but the intention was right-to protect Americans.

Trump hates women! No he doesn’t. Please….set down your mainstream media for five seconds and do some research! Trump has many women in powerful leadership roles within his companies. If you hated women-you wouldn’t be elevating them -you’d be trying to hold them down. Today there are more women than men holding executive positions in the Trump Organization.

So as both Conservatives and Democrats continue to panic over Trumps popularity with Americans….I just don’t see the need to freak out nor will I.

I can think for myself, no matter what the pundits say….


Your Freedom for “security”

“What if Congress did something — anything — to protect our kids from gun violence” -Obama said this last week.

The President (for only another 383 days) is set to take some Executive Action on Gun Control later this week.  Huh…..”what if Congress did something….anything,” I actually agree-our Congress is a ginormous disappointment- but not when it comes to gun control.

Over the course of the last few years I have watched the American people make the Government their God. Looking to the almighty government to save, fix, solve and create.

The government can’t fix this mess. No written law will prevent those that wish to do harm -to not be able to do harm. Bad people do bad things with no regard for the law. Most mass shootings occur in “gun free zones”- you just can’t have more gun control than that!

This desperate act of desperation to “do something” is a masking for something much deeper-an infringement on our freedom.

“Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” -Benjamin Franklin

Trading freedom for safety will get you neither.

So …..In regards to Obama’s plea that we “do something”……I have some suggestions that won’t infringe on any Americans Individual Liberty- and will not dare set foot on our Bill of Rights. Perhaps the President could address these root causes instead of immediately resolving to tamper with our 2nd Amendment Right.

  1. You want fewer “bad guns” doing bad things?

SECURE THE BORDER! The majority of illegal guns used to do horrific crimes come through our borders that are not secure! An estimated 2000 illegal guns enter through our Mexican Border a DAY!

     2. You want less crazies having guns?

Take a look at our mental health care- or lack there of! Most of the people committing these crimes have serious mental health issues….the total lack of research, inability to treat and detect mental illness is cause for most of these shootings. I got an idea-let’s take the 2.5 billion dollars a year we spend subsidizing dairy, peanut and sugar farmers and put that money towards mental health. Or let’s take the 1.1 million dollars used in throwing staff parties for the International Agency of Development  and put that towards mental health.

   3. You want less violence among the youth?

Let’s demand parents start parenting! Ummm if your 8 year old is playing “Call of Duty” -that’s on you! If your children are watching violent movies promoting gun violence-that’s on you!

Where is the ownership? You had kids-own up and PARENT!

4) You want less “accidental” gun violence

Educate yourself on Guns.

That’s right, most people that are all for Government intervention on Gun Control-have never even held a gun! Guns don’t walk around shooting people…’s PEOPLE that do the shooting-

Should we outlaw silverware because that is a tool used that contributes to obesity?

Should we outlaw knives because knives could be used to stab people?

Should we outlaw matches and gasoline, because those two combined start fires?

Should we outlaw cars, because a car could be used for violence?

Don’t be ALL FOR banning something because you are scared…..get educated on what scares you.


5) You want more Americans to value Life?

Stop the hypocrisy! If you are soooo concerned about the loss of innocent life and “protecting our kids from gun violence,” as Obama says-you  should then most definitely be Pro-life, because ALL lives Matter and that baby in the womb IS A LIFE-even SCIENCE says it’s life! How can we expect people to value life when we are allowing millions of babies to be murdered every year?!


Somewhere we lost Personal Responsibility. Yes…..I know it sounds like such a foreign concept. Take responsibility for YOUR actions!

So while Obama abuses his Executive Power this next week…..limiting law abiding citizens rights -know that we aren’t addressing the root causes, and all these Executive Actions will do….is strip YOU a little bit more of your individual liberty.

“Handing over your rights as an American- to a vastly corrupt and manipulated government- in exchange for “safety” -will lead to your  slavery.” -ConservativeMomma