Let’s give Socialism a shot…shall we… :)

So big freaking deal….what’s wrong if we become a Socialistic country….who cares??
What’s sooo wrong with a society where everyone is “equal?”  What’s wrong with getting rid of the super rich to eliminate the super poor?  What’s so wrong with allowing a few really smart people to decide what’s best for the masses and we just agree?
Capitalism is just a system of greed… right …and it only allows for the rich to get richer….so let’s for a moment imagine the “fair” world of socialism.
Yes, there are some countries that fall into this category but let’s say the United States of America falls into this way of life as well, and if that were to happen to America, the rest of the world would soon follow suit.
So here goes…..
Everyone makes the same amount of money (yay…nice right!), because we all make the same amount of cash, we all pretty much drive the same car, and live in houses that are all about the same size.
Fancy food, clothes, traveling and any luxuries of any sort will no longer be offered because they simply can’t be afforded. Our choices of food and fashion are minimal, so yay….we all get to match….like we did when we were in grade school and called our best friend and told them to wear the same outfit as us!
For all those sports freaks….that world would definitely cease to exist, because the salaries are the same- so many professional athletes would find it senseless to risk their health and bodies playing a sport, when they could just simply sit at a desk.
If you get sick…well, get in line. There are only a few doctors now-because they get paid the same salary as everybody else. Hopefully you don’t die before they get a chance to treat you….
If you have more than two children….well forget it…you can’t afford it, and neither can your neighbor so it’s only fair to have a couple kids.
Your children really have no cause to “dream big” or try to be the best in academics, or any extra curricular activities- because in the end they’ll just grow up, get a job and be like everybody else.
Because socialism suffocates all competition there really is no need for choices or options. We’d shop at the same grocery store, fill our identical cars at the same gas station, eat at the ONE restaurant in town, and go to the ONE movie that’s showing over the weekend….
The desire to invent or create would be pointless. With no reward, few would aspire for greatness, because “greatness” no longer would exist. But that’s fair right. I mean it’s not fair if someone is great and someone is not….
(I could go on and on)
So let’s make it fair…..if we continue in the direction we are headed….Socialism is going to be your reality….unless You…yes… You —DO something about it!
Love the clip below- watch!

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