Marriage in the hands of 9…..

The Supreme Court is set to rule on Gay Marriage next month. I have written before on his subject before recently and I am a Civil Unions for all and let the churches deal with the religious sacrament of marriage kinda person. Read that blog here.

But I tend to be a Libertarian when it comes down to the Federal Government stepping into our lives and re-defining what marriage is altogether. Why? Well, because there’s a whole other side to this issue -this decision will directly effect our First Amendment right-the Freedom of Religion. If a religion be it: Islam, Hindu, Judaism, or Christianity believes that marriage is between a man and a women-which they all do and the Federal Government is now going to re-define marriage to be a bond between anyone or anything, then churches who refuse to comply -will be charged with discrimination. You thought is was bad with the bakeries…..just wait….

So let’s say marriage is re-defined in June. This is where the battle really begins….because let’s be honest, it’s not about “equality” here it’s about going after religion, specifically Christianity….because whether our President acknowledges it or not-this nation was founded on Christian principles. But we are living in a world that despises anyone who stands for anything anymore…..whooohooo anything goes now right!?

For thousands of years marriage has been between a man and a woman, but in June, 9 Supreme Court Justices, 9 fallible people- could abolish marriage as we know it. Ya ya ya……we have “evolved”-is what I keep hearing….ummm side note: I personally wouldn’t use that as an argument…..a KEY component in evolution is procreation…

If this is to happen, we are going to see churches charged with discrimination….law suites after law suites. Many will turn away from what their doctrines teach and comply to the Federal Governments demands. I believe we will see huge spiritual leaders cave to the pressure. This is when many must choose. Just where is your faith? Do you have a faith? Is it just a made up compilation of theology that when tested crumbles? You can only stay lukewarm for so long. Even if you don’t have a faith and you believe in nothing, are you okay with our First Amendment Rights being overridden by 9 individuals? Do you believe in individual liberty? If you don’t think the decision in June will directly impact your Individual Rights as an American you are in for surprise…..

Speak up!

I can hear the pitchforks being sharpened….

4 thoughts on “Marriage in the hands of 9…..

  1. You hit the nail on the head here Conservative Momma, this has nothing to do with marriage and everything to do with eroding Christian/Judeo beliefs. I leave out Islam because I don’t see any gay couples going into Muslim bakeries and asking them to bake a wedding cake. Christians are easy targets because you don’t have to worry about them taking off your head. I wonder what will happen if the SCOTUS decides in favor of gay marriage – it has already been stated that churches refusing to comply will lose their tax exempt status, not to mention being sued into oblivion. Will the same thing happen to mosques? I highly doubt you’ll see a gay wedding at a mosque, but will they even be challenged? Probably not because we have become a nation of cowards. I personally don’t care who marries who (or is it whom?) but leave everyone else out of it. Go to another bakery, find a Pastor who will gladly perform the ceremony – but leave those who don’t want to be involved alone. It that really so hard?

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  2. We’re not just a Christian nation of one mind. There’s has to be room for all sorts of beliefs. I’m a Christian and think the Bible’s thoughts on homosexuals are just an example of man’s two thousand year old prejudice seeping in. There are many things in the Bible I do not subscribe to for that same reason, whether it be about women or slaves or all sorts of things from an ancient society that didn’t know any better. America was settled mostly by Christians who thought differently from the prevailing Church and our country was built in that spirit.


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