Gay Marriage

The further in to this political rabbit hole I go…..I am finding a disappointing trend among Conservatives-that is inconsistency. The inability to stay constant in an ideology. True conservatism is defending individual liberty and limiting the governments role in our every day lives. Less regulation, less infringement, less taxes, less bureaucracy, less overreach and more individual freedom. The simple concept of getting the government out of our lives and allowing the individual the ability to choose what is best for ones-self. Don’t you know what’s best for YOU-over some dude in DC in an overpriced suite? I do. I also think the vast majority of Americans do.

With the recent crazy madness of “Boycott Indiana ” making the news over this last week it has spurred lively discussion and heated debate. I have had twitter debates over -Individual freedom, the protection of our 1st amendment rights and whether or not discrimination is illegal. Because of all this, I feel compelled to address the inconsistency I am witnessing among those in my own camp.

Ok….so….where is this  “inconsistency?”

With all the way over dramatized reaction by the media over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, let’s be honest-the heart of the matter comes down to Gay Marriage.

My personal views are my own, they align with what my faith says and that is marriage is between a man and a woman….but I shouldn’t push what my faith says on the government-nor should the government be involved in marriage at all. I know this is my libertarian side shining through….but my argument here is consistency.

After all….marriage is a religious sacrament. It is the joining of two to become one- through sacred vows before God under a religion. So….why is the government involved in this?

If we as Conservatives, truly want less government infringement, why are we pushing that government play a role in marriage at all? We have to be consistent. No one believes what you say if you are not consistent. If I tell my three year old son he has to finish his vegetables in order to get dessert, but then I turn and give him dessert when he hasn’t finished his vegetables I am being inconsistent and he won’t take me seriously.

If we as Conservatives want to be taken seriously, if we want people to understand, grasp and believe in our platform of less government, than we have to be consistent.

So….what exactly am I saying?

I am saying that the government should only be involved in the legal side of both heterosexual and homosexual unions.

Should a gay couple be entitled to the same individual rights as a straight couple -yes, of course without a doubt.

I propose Civil Unions for all. I also propose (and I can’t believe I have to say this) that this union be with a human. Your dog cannot make logical decisions on your property or affairs when you die, and your hamster can’t be claimed as a dependent on your taxes….

Therefore CHURCHES and religious affiliations will recognize marriage-because as mentioned above-Marriage is a religious sacrament.

I would also add as a mother, I see the vital and essential roles that a father and a mother play in my children’s daily lives. I think that kids need that gender balance and greatly desire it. But having the government involved in marriage has not prevented children from being raised in single gender homes.

I know I will probably get a lot of flack for this….but I have to be real. This is not a liberal ideology….liberalism today has become socialism and this in fact is the complete opposite of socialism because it removes the governments involvement from marriage all together.

Let’s ask ourselves the tough question- just where do we stand on big government in every aspect of our lives?

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