Marriage in the hands of 9…..

Wrote this a month ago, and my thoughts are the same after the Supreme Courts Ruling today….

Conservative Momma

The Supreme Court is set to rule on Gay Marriage next month. I have written before on his subject before recently and I am a Civil Unions for all and let the churches deal with the religious sacrament of marriage kinda person. Read that blog here.

But I tend to be a Libertarian when it comes down to the Federal Government stepping into our lives and re-defining what marriage is altogether. Why? Well, because there’s a whole other side to this issue -this decision will directly effect our First Amendment right-the Freedom of Religion. If a religion be it: Islam, Hindu, Judaism, or Christianity believes that marriage is between a man and a women-which they all do and the Federal Government is now going to re-define marriage to be a bond between anyone or anything, then churches who refuse to comply -will be charged with discrimination. You thought is…

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One thought on “Marriage in the hands of 9…..

  1. I agree. On a personal level, I just don’t care. If two consenting adults love each other and want to marry – that’s between them and their God. Love is a good thing and I’m happy for those who have it in their lives. What I do object to is forcing other people to participate. I am close to someone who is a devout Catholic and a professional harpist. She is no longer playing at weddings because she feels her faith would not allow her to participate in a same sex ceremony and she doesn’t want to be put in a position where she may be sued. That’s sad and it’s happening all over the country. I don’t care about anyone’s sex life, as long as the involved parties are consenting. It does however anger me to see good people lose their businesses and face public vilification because they don’t want to participate in the process. It angers me that when a man decides to put on a dress and change his name, that we see days and days of coverage and he’s called heroic. It angers me that people can lose their jobs for professing a belief in the traditional concept of marriage. So while I have nothing against individuals who are gay, the LGBT movement in general has actually made me LESS favorable to their cause. Get married, do what you want but can we not make a big deal out of it? There are plenty of bakers, musicians, pastors who will participate in your ceremony – leave those who prefer not to alone. From a strictly legal standpoint, I think we’re in for a lot of discrimination and confusion in who we force to acknowledge same sex weddings. Right now society is going after Christians because they are easy targets. I haven’t seen a same sex couple go after a Muslim bakery. This makes me suspicious of the underlying intentions of this movement and it makes me question the “courage” involved. And there are Gay Christians. What do we do when a Gay Christian refuses to accommodate a Muslim ceremony? My rambling point is – this decision by SCOTUS in no way settles the underlying problems.


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