Was it the Russians?

I want to know how in “liberal world” did Russia collude with the Trump campaign to get a win?
Did they hack voting machines?
Did they pack stadiums full of “fake Trump supporters?” Who then were forced to vote for Trump?
Did they convince Hillary to not go to Wisconsin in the final stretch of the campaign?
Did they tell Wiki leaks to expose the Real corruption within the DNC?
Did they tell Donna Brazile to cheat on the CNN debate and give Hillary the questions prior?
Did they manipulate Hillary into deleting 30,000 of OUR emails?
Did they force Hillary’s Campaign manger to attend Spirit Cooking dinners and drink, blood-breast milk and sperm?
Did they manipulate Hillary into having a private server in a mom and pop bathroom in Denver, CO in order to cover up dealings with Clinton foundation and foreign countries?
Did they tell Anthony Weiner to send sext messages to under age girls on a device that held classified information?
Did the Russians know that Hillary would run for President one day, and they convinced her to defend a rapist of a 12yr old little girl when she was a lawyer?
Did the Russians whisper in Hillary’s ear to say she was under “sniper fire” while in Bosnia?
Did the Russians tell Hillary that Benghazi happened because of a YouTube video?
Did the Russians tell Hillary that fully formed babies have NO Constitutional rights?
Was it the Russians that forced the Clinton Foundation to take money from dictators & human rights violators & in return give them elite access in their countries after these people donated to her foundation? (Cause this happened)
Was it the Russians that imposed scandal after scandal on the Clinton’s legacy in politics? (Whitewater. Troopergate, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Travelgate, Vince Foster’s suicide. Juanita Broaddrick…..)
Did the Russians tell Hillary to destroy information on her blackberries with a hammer? Yep a hammer!
Did the Russians force Hillary’s foundation to take money from countries that treat women like animals and hang gays for being gay?
Did the Russians force Hillary to deny multiple requests for additional security from those in Benghazi-resulting in the deaths of Americans: Ambassador Chris Stephens, Officer Sean Smith, CIA operatives-Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty?
Was it the Russians that told Hillary to say that Boko-haram was NOT a terrorist organization-though it kid-napped young girls and sold them into sex slavery?
Did the Russians call half of America “Deplorable” and “Irredeemable?”
Was it the Russians that made Hillary’s spokesperson call Catholics and Evangelicals “extremely backwards?”

I am just trying to figure out how in the hell the Russians got inside of 62,979,879 Americans heads and told them to vote for Trump?

9 thoughts on “Was it the Russians?

  1. Why both parties are the same shit diffrent piles! one-party wants to cut all kinds of funding for the poor and give tax cuts and credits to the filthy rich and one party wants to give more money to the poor and tax the filthy rich and then secretly give the filthy rich some form of tax breaks on the back end either way the average American gets screwed by either party! do you honestly think it’s an American thing to do to have the Russians in the Oval Office and disclosed secret intelligence to them? I didn’t like Hillary or dump neither one of them they both have done a major dIs service to our country! We Are The Melting Pot of the world and we’re supposed to leave the world and how people are treated and yet we aren’t we are failing and making us look like a bunch of idiots in the process alienating our allies! defunding the state department I think you need to do a little reading of your history because it’s exactly what Hitler did! he had his version of Secret Service which would not be our secret service but Blackwater bodyguards for Trump deliver the notice to Comey he was fired! exactly the same way Hitler did it he sent somebody from his secret bodyguard service over and had the top guy in their intelligence removed consolidating power from the state Department’s and judicial branches into the federal government they’re giving him tyranny and dictatorship amounts of power that’s what’s happening right now! look up how Hitler did it and look up what’s happening in our government right now they’re defunding all the state department and EPA and everything else to consolidate power under just the federal branch of government removing the state branch and the judicial branch stripping congressional powers away from Congress itself! sending confusing messages to the American people that we can’t even trust our own intelligence agencies these people put their lives on the line to protect us! the respect they have been shown is little to none and that’s very sad right now for our country this is probably the most saddest point in United States history!


  2. I love you you are smart,funny and just terrific. I watch your videos several times especially after I get annoyed with the local news you help me keep my sanity and smile!
    thank you

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  3. I really enjoyed your video about what it takes to be a Democrat…your statements are so sad, but true.
    This video is an outstanding commentary on the current state of the Democratic Party.

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  4. Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to WriterBeat.com? I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. Ther8e is no fee; I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our community and I enjoyed reading your work. If “OK” please let me know via email.



  5. If you took even a few minutes from “cutsie” videos and blogging/Facebooking you could find out that they used the information that was retrieved in voter roll hacks to find and specifically target voters with fake news articles and “dark ads”, which are ads that Facebook sells that show only to the person who’s timeline they are posted to, but aren’t seen by others visiting the page. Facebook confirmed that there was heavy dark ad purchase during the election, but decline to reveal who bought them or what ads ran. They know most people don’t verify news articles, so if someone sees multiple supposedly different sources reporting the same “story” just the repetitive headline is enough for many to accept the narrative as fact. That’s how propaganda works, and billions were spent on it this past election cycle and it continues. I know from checking your videos you think it is funny to mock those who understand this, but you should understand this, their goal is disruption as much if not more than any specific candidate, and when they cost your side you will suddenly take the undermining of our elections seriously.


    1. You know how else propaganda works? When almost the entire mainstream media apparatus carries the water for a particular candidate (hint: the candidate in question was NOT Trump) and downplays anything negative to a particular political party (another hint: the party in question is NOT the Republican party). That’s a much better definition of fake news than the one you’re offering.


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