Respect the Office

I totally and completely disagreed with almost everything President Obama did during his Presidency. The lies, the scandals, the policies, the bills passed, the Executive Orders, his stance on Abortion, his constant partying with elite disconnected celebrities……nearly everything he did made me cringe. But I didn’t call Obama names, I didn’t insult his children or his wife. Name calling to me was just un-classy, if I wanted to express how I disagreed- I laid out why in a thoughtful cognitive way.

A few days ago Stephen Colbert, the host of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS, went on a 12 minute rant insulting President Trump. This rant then ended in a homophobic joke that has twitter buzzing with a trending “Fire Colbert” hashtag. I watched the clip (you can view it here) and was just sad. Sad that so many think that insulting and demeaning our President gets us anywhere as a country. I have trolls on my Facebook Page that refuse to acknowledge Trump is president. I see consistent posts on Facebook calling President Trump an asshole, a Cheeto, and a Fascist too.

I get it, these people don’t like President Trump. If you don’t like something, is the option to name call? To insult? Is that really what we want our kids to do? I am all for Free Speech. I am all for hearing things I totally disagree with, because that is OUR right as Americans and I WILL ALWAYS support our First Amendment Right. My question is, have we lost all class? Have we lost all Respect for the office of President? If you don’t like the one holding office is personally insulting and name calling acceptable?

Colbert stood on a stage and on National Television said “In fact, the only thing your (President Trump’s) mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster.”

Classy right…..what’s worse is people cheered…..

Could you imagine a late night talk show host saying that about Obama when he was President on National T.V?

Conservatives HATED the Iran Deal. What if a host said that Obama had his genitals in the palm of Iranians hands? Could you even imagine the outrage!?

Like it or not, Trump won. That was NOT an easy feat. Trump had the entire WORLD against him and he won. That IS an Accomplishment. The office of the President is to be respected.

Please, I don’t want to hear that President Trump is “divisive” when I hear pundits, journalists, News Anchors, family and “friends” DAILY personally insult our President. These people aren’t arguing policy, they aren’t debating the issues -they are calling our President a “cheeto” or “dictator-in-chief.” This just makes all of these people look small minded and completely incapable of a logical debate. You see….personal name calling IS DIVISIVE!

Which brings me to ask, doesn’t “love trump hate?” What happened to when “they go low, we go high?” Weren’t these liberal mantra’s during the campaign?

Because I am not seeing it. I am seeing a whole lot of hate. Ugly hate. Divisive hate. Losing exposes character, and the character I am witnessing from the left is downright sad.

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