Breaking: Mueller to bring charges against Flynn…’s my take!

According to an exclusive report out by NBC News –Special counsel Robert Mueller has reportedly collected enough evidence to bring formal charges against President Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn (who resigned after 24 days for being dishonest to Vice President Pence) and his son, Michael Flynn Jr. who worked closely with his father.

The charges and evidence are in relation to Flynn’s lobbying work for the Turkish Government in late 2016.

Flynn is said to have met with representatives of the Turkish government in 2016 and explored possible ways to send Fethullah Gulen, a Muslim leader residing in the U.S. -who was a foe of Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, back to Turkey, to face charges. Gulen was suspected of forming a military coup to overthrow Erdogan. Flynn, as a representative of his consulting firm Flynn Intel Group-met with senior representatives of Turkey’s government. Flynn’s said devised plan -was in exchange for millions of dollars.

I would like to first say, I don’t defend Flynn. If these charges are proven to be correct then may justice be served.

I would secondly like to point out this HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIAN COLLUSION in our 2016 Presidential election! It it yet another way for the media to cause a lot of drama and tie a formal cabinet member of President Trump with a charge. Essentially it’s a way for headlines to mislead the uninformed! I have said it, and I’ll say it again- THIS IS A WITCH-HUNT.  Muller is now bringing charges against people that have NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIAN COLLUSION AT ALL. Manafort, who’s trial is right before the mid-terms (how convenient huh) and now Flynn….who is next? I can guarantee you whoever it is -the charge will have nothing to do with the election, it’ll be something else to mislead the American People and continue the Russian Collusion narrative.

Mueller NEEDS TO GO. He has more ties to the Russians than anyone associated with Trump! Mueller turned a blind eye while U.S. officials were bribed by the Russians and sold 20% of our Uranium to the Russians! During this time Bill Clinton meets Putin and gets 500k for a speech. The Clinton Foundation then gets 145 Million form the Russians and there are documents now released stating Mueller knew all this and DID NOTHING!

Stay strong Patriots and don’t let the media distract you from the REAL RUSSIAN COLLUSION!

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Was it the Russians?

I want to know how in “liberal world” did Russia collude with the Trump campaign to get a win?
Did they hack voting machines?
Did they pack stadiums full of “fake Trump supporters?” Who then were forced to vote for Trump?
Did they convince Hillary to not go to Wisconsin in the final stretch of the campaign?
Did they tell Wiki leaks to expose the Real corruption within the DNC?
Did they tell Donna Brazile to cheat on the CNN debate and give Hillary the questions prior?
Did they manipulate Hillary into deleting 30,000 of OUR emails?
Did they force Hillary’s Campaign manger to attend Spirit Cooking dinners and drink, blood-breast milk and sperm?
Did they manipulate Hillary into having a private server in a mom and pop bathroom in Denver, CO in order to cover up dealings with Clinton foundation and foreign countries?
Did they tell Anthony Weiner to send sext messages to under age girls on a device that held classified information?
Did the Russians know that Hillary would run for President one day, and they convinced her to defend a rapist of a 12yr old little girl when she was a lawyer?
Did the Russians whisper in Hillary’s ear to say she was under “sniper fire” while in Bosnia?
Did the Russians tell Hillary that Benghazi happened because of a YouTube video?
Did the Russians tell Hillary that fully formed babies have NO Constitutional rights?
Was it the Russians that forced the Clinton Foundation to take money from dictators & human rights violators & in return give them elite access in their countries after these people donated to her foundation? (Cause this happened)
Was it the Russians that imposed scandal after scandal on the Clinton’s legacy in politics? (Whitewater. Troopergate, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Travelgate, Vince Foster’s suicide. Juanita Broaddrick…..)
Did the Russians tell Hillary to destroy information on her blackberries with a hammer? Yep a hammer!
Did the Russians force Hillary’s foundation to take money from countries that treat women like animals and hang gays for being gay?
Did the Russians force Hillary to deny multiple requests for additional security from those in Benghazi-resulting in the deaths of Americans: Ambassador Chris Stephens, Officer Sean Smith, CIA operatives-Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty?
Was it the Russians that told Hillary to say that Boko-haram was NOT a terrorist organization-though it kid-napped young girls and sold them into sex slavery?
Did the Russians call half of America “Deplorable” and “Irredeemable?”
Was it the Russians that made Hillary’s spokesperson call Catholics and Evangelicals “extremely backwards?”

I am just trying to figure out how in the hell the Russians got inside of 62,979,879 Americans heads and told them to vote for Trump?

Russia Russia Russia….sorry, I am over it!

“Circumstantial Evidence,” “Alleged,” “Supposed,” “Undisclosed Sources that can’t be confirmed or denied”……really….I mean really? This is ALL we hear about the Russian Narrative that the Mainstream Media continues to push. I have NEVER ever witnessed more sore losing than this IN MY LIFE!

The total and complete inability to acknowledge that President Trump won the election because Middle Class Hard Working Americans showed up and VOTED for him, can’t be accepted!

Russians didn’t cause record turnouts of crowds at Trump Rallies during the campaign! Russians didn’t force Democrats and Independents who had never voted for a Republican in the past, to vote for Trump. Russians didn’t pick an incredibly flawed candidate to run against Trump. Russians didn’t infiltrate the Electoral College and turn votes!

Yet….if you watched the Mainstream Media, you’d think Russians played a YUUUUGE role in President Trump’s victory! And they are STILL pushing this narrative! NO EVIDENCE has turned up after almost a YEAR of every investigative journalist in the world working on this!

At this point it’s just comical! That’s why I shot this yesterday….enjoy: