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Hey Hillary- as a Married White Woman, I feel I must respond…..

As Hillary Clinton travels the world  promoting her book “What Happened,” she continues to answer her own question on her election loss, every time she opens her mouth. In Hillary’s recent trip to India, she makes the claim that she lost the 2016 Presidential Election because married white women were pressured into voting for Trump by the men in their lives.

“We do not do well with white men and we don’t do well with married, white women,” Clinton said at the India Today Conclave 2018 Conference in Mumbai, India. “And part of that is an identification with the Republican Party, and a sort of ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should.”

Hillary still honestly has NO CLUE why she lost! It’s been excuse after excuse! Russia, Sexism, The DNC, Obama, Bernie Sanders, Wikileaks, Debate Questions, Social Media, The Media, James Comey, Campaign Finances, Low information voters…..the list is endless you guys!

I (a married white woman), INTENTIONALLY voted for Trump and I INTENTIONALLY DID not vote for Hillary, here’s why:


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Let’s talk Stormy Daniels, shall we?

Man, I have been asked a gazilion times, “what do I think about Stormy Daniels?” I mean let’s be honest, a President having an affair with a porn star, (while his wife was said to be pregnant at the time), SOUNDS HORRIBLE! There’s just no other way to put it.

The catch is, Trump WAS NOT PRESIDENT when this happened. Unlike President Bill Clinton, WHO DID have an Affair with a 22 year old subordinate in the OVAL Office, and then LIED to the American people about it. To be VERY CLEAR: There is a HUGE difference between Private Citizen and Public Servant. IF Trump was unfaithful to his wife prior to becoming president, he is responsible to God, Melania, Trump’s children and Trump. When you are President your conduct is responsible to those you represent. Clinton was responsible for his behavior to the American People while he was President.

You know what though, I am not going to excuse Trump’s BEHAVIOR IF he did have an affair. I mean just because the Clinton’s think it’s fine to do so, does not mean it is FINE to do so. The Clinton’s think selling 20% of our Uranium to the Russians and personally profiting from it is fine, they think that destroying subpoenaed evidence is fine, they think killing fully formed babies in the womb is fine, they think that using a fake document to start an investigation on a crime never committed is fine, in reality they think crimes of any-kind committed by them — is fine, so they are not setting the bar too high…..

I think adultery is straight up WRONG, because my faith and morals say it’s wrong.
I do not condone adultery. I will never make an excuse for it. It tears families apart and destroys trust.

I didn’t marry Trump though, I voted for him. My vote was not cast to elect Trump to be “best Pastor, “best Priest,” or “Best Husband.”  I didn’t even vote for Trump to be “Best Role Model.” I voted for Trump to fix the absolute MESS this country had become after Obama.

I elected Trump on his campaign promises, which he is KEEPING. The Judicial Appointment of Judge Gorsuch, Tax Reform, The ending of the Obamacare Individual Mandate, The deregulation of Federal overreach, The cutting of Government Waste, Securing our Border (and Trump is headed to California tomorrow to look at prototypes for the WALL), Defeating ISIS, Banning countries from sending people here that want to KILL us, Standing with Israel, Withdrawing the United States from the Paris Accord -which screws American businesses, Standing up for LIFE in the womb, liberating leaders in places of faith to speak freely from the podium/pulpit, CREATING JOBS (almost 3 million jobs created since Trump was elected), I could honestly KEEP GOING. Most importantly though, I knew what was at stake in the 2016 Election. I knew that if Clinton took the wheel, we would rapidly find ourselves in a Globalist run world, and our very individual liberty was at risk, it still is in EVERY election cycle.

To be honest, I really question whether Daniels is telling the truth too. It’s Daniel’s word against Trump’s word. I also don’t know WHO is behind Daniels? As far as I know, this women could be being offered millions from Trump hating opponents and Globalists to make this claim. There could be many players involved here.

So that’s it. That’s what I think. Is it right, is it wrong? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Make a DEAL…

I know….I know, it sucks right. We wouldn’t even be in the situation we are in right now if we would have just enforced our immigration laws as they stand now. But we haven’t. Our borders have been open for years, freely allowing for those wanting to come into our country without going through due process.

Today President Trump sat down with bipartisan members of Congress to address DACA: (Differed Action for Childhood Arrivals) an Obama policy that has allowed roughly 800 thousand individuals who entered the country as minors, and had either entered or remained in the country illegally, to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and to be eligible for a work permit. This move by Obama was not permanent, because permanent immigration law REQUIRES CONGRESS.  On September 5th 2017, The Trump Administration announced that they would give Congress the chance to legally fix our immigration policy on DACA, the deadline for this is March 5th, 2018.

As a totally SANE looking President sat with members of Congress and publicly discussed DACA and border security, it was obvious that a Businessman was in the Oval Office. People that are business minded compromise in order to close a deal.

I believe this deal will allow the DACA participants to stay. I also don’t think that destroys Conservatives. I don’t believe that every DACA participant will vote Democrat. Once they are given a path to citizenship by a Republican President and they witness a booming economy, tax cuts in their paychecks, home ownership on the rise, job unemployment at record lows, consumer confidence at a seventeen year high, the soaring stock market, and maybe just maybe these Dreamers, won’t vote blue.  And you know what, the Democrats know this too, that’s why they don’t want to compromise on a border wall for DACA. They want the borders to stay open for votes.

Today Trump made it clear, DACA could be negotiated IF Three things on Trump’s side could be negotiated:

  1. Border Security– A wall in some parts across the border where it is easy to cross.
  2. End Chain Migration-Chain Migration refers to the endless chains of foreign nationals who are allowed to immigrate to the United States because citizens and lawful permanent residents are allowed to sponsor their non-nuclear family members.
  3. Cancel Lottery Immigration- A chance based immigration system, allowing anyone to enter. President Trump doesn’t want to leave our immigration up to chance, he wants those that will contribute to the U.S. in a positive way to enter instead.

We HAVE to secure the border. We have to end Chain Migration and we Must start bringing those that want to live the American Dream and not live off of the system of dependency in order for America to be Great Again. This is going to take compromise. I think the compromise is allowing the 800 Dreamer’s to stay.

If Democrats REALLY cared about the “Dreamers,” they would Make a Deal with the “Great Negotiator” and fund the Wall, end chain migration and implement a merit based system on immigration. Because this protects Americans, and this SHOULD BE our Elected Officials number one priority.

In closing, I want to be COMPLETELY CLEAR:
If Trump makes a DACA deal without having Border Security (the Wall) in the Deal, ending Chain Migration, and ending the lottery system-we are screwed.
The Deal must include these things!

VIDEO BELOW: If you lock your doors at night to protect the ones you love, then we should secure our border to protect Americans……it just makes sense.

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5 Reasons why we lost in Alabama and how we can prevent this from happening again.

Losing feels horrible. No one likes to lose. But, I think that all to often we point the finger at everyone but ourselves when it comes to a loss. This really does not benefit us for the future. I want to win. In order to win, we have to reflect and observe our loses and make changes! Here are reasons why I think we lost and what we can do, so we win in future races.

1. Vet heavily in the Primary. I have witnessed time and time again milk toast “we are all friends” Primaries. I am not saying tear each other apart, but I am saying if there is dirt on someone, IT HAS TO COME out in the Primary. If it doesn’t, then the Democrats will find it in the General and DESTROY us with it. Do opposition research on all your Primary opponents and make sure your candidate does opposition research on them-self!

2. Polarizing characters win Primaries, but they don’t win General Elections. You want to win? In order to win -YOU HAVE TO GET THE INDEPENDENT VOTE. Independent voters are not drawn to polarizing characters. Yes, polarizing characters win the base. They rally the far right, but they do nothing after that. Trump won in 2016, because some questioned if he was Conservative or Republican. Trump was lenient on a lot of Conservative principles -especially the social issues. I am not saying compromise your beliefs, I know where I stand on social issues…..but I also know where Independents stand and in order to get the Independents to join us, there has to be some compromise. Many would rather lose then make compromises, fine….but I don’t want to lose. So I am willing to.

3.) We MUST BE Proactive AND NOT Reactive. We all to often, allow the Media to Control the Narrative. We are forever playing defense! As the accusations started to roll out on Moore we should have had a serious family discussion. We didn’t. We just continued to let the Media spit and we kept wiping it off our faces. The minute these accusations started coming up on Moore- we should have had a real talk about long term consequences. When these allegations started, we should have asked Moore to step down and put up a candidate that had been fully vetted. The left then would have lost ALL MOMENTUM. We would have deflated their plan instantly. Instead, we drove ourselves into a corner of panicked defense. Let’s for a moment think if Moore had won, we would STILL be on the Defense. Denouncing the allegations, just like we were throughout the entire race! Guilty or not, the

4.) Rally behind candidate. Only 43% of Republicans in Alabama turned out to vote…..guys, that is HORRIBLE. It is because Moore was a flawed candidate. But, flawed candidates CAN STILL WIN. The Democrats back their candidates regardless! They backed a woman that was married to an alleged rapist, who also victim shamed those that were sexually violated! They stuck by Hillary’s side. We don’t. We didn’t rally behind Moore, because we refuse to see the bigger picture. The bigger picture is Tax Reform, Building the Wall, Reforming Healthcare and so forth! We needed that Senate seat in Alabama and we did not rally as Republicans and Conservatives to get it.

5.) Cliche’s and Soundbites, won’t win General Elections. Fancy speeches, and Conservative Soundbites….won’t win General elections. Let’s be REALLY HONEST. Moore was a caricature. He road on a horse, in a cowboy hat to go vote yesterday.  Who could relate to that? I was secretly embarrassed when I saw this. Is the guy a cowboy? Does he heard cattle? Is he from Wyoming, or Texas? NO. He is a Judge, so ACT LIKE A JUDGE. Caricatures don’t win Independents. Independents are weird’ed out by caricatures and are not drawn to them but rather repulsed by them.  A Judge is a huge accomplishment, zero in on that and don’t give the media anything to characterize. As we approach 2018 Midterms, focus on what the candidate you put up HAS accomplished and hone in on that, not the soundbites, fancy speeches and so forth- this will attract independents.



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Trump declares North Korea a State Sponsor of TERROR.

Today -President Trump declared North Korea a State Sponsor of terror.

Now the Mainstream Media is portraying this as Trump picking a fight with North Korea….this couldn’t be further from the truth. North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un is crazzzzzy— Sick, twisted, son of Satan crazy.

I am sure that CNN will soon remove this article written in 2013, laying out the atrocities of the North Korean government, because it doesn’t fit their Trump hating narrative. North Korea, also known as “hell.” Where millions are starving to death. Where babies are thrown to dogs. Where women are widely raped and imprisoned for no crime whatsoever! Where mother’s are forced to drown their children in prison camps. North Korea, where ordinary people “endure torture and are imprisoned for doing nothing more than watching foreign soap operas or holding a religious belief.” North Korea, where Christians are murdered! North Korea where rodents, lizards and grass are eaten in order to survive……

This is North Korea. A communist hell hole that is now threatening to nuke other innocent countries because their leader is an absolute demon possessed maniac. You don’t ignore the devil. You don’t shove your head in the sand and pretend evil is not real…..it is. It is just as real as you or I. The number one thing you DO NOT DO is allow fear to control how you operate. We witnessed this under Obama —-appeasement. Obama appeased Iran with the Iran Deal and gave the Iranians over 33 Billion in cash which -mark my words will come back to haunt us. During the Obama Administration a few sanctions were put on North Korea and after that, little else was done. The idea was to not do anything that would upset the sleeping dragon. Here’s the deal though…..dragons don’t sleep forever. Predators eventually wake, and seek to destroy. Trump knows this.

In August of this year the President under much scrutiny called out North Korea and said: “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States……They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen … he (Kim Jong Un)  has been very threatening beyond a normal state. They will be met with fire, fury and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before.

You have to identify evil. You have to call it out and declare it has no authority or dominion in this world. You don’t ignore it, you don’t appease it, you don’t give it money and hope it’ll leave you alone.

Trump declaring North Korea as a State Sponsor of Terror is calling evil out and quite frankly it is long over due!

Below is a clip I shot back in August of Trump standing up to Kim Jong Un, and showing the world how you deal with a crazed, sick, evil bully.



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