No Madonna it wasn’t because of “hate” that Trump won.

I keep seeing pictures of dumbfounded Madonna in regards to Trump’s win on my news-feed. She is shocked Trump won, along with a slew of other Hollywood Elitists. Madonna has simply concluded the reason why Trump won is because “women hate women.” Yep. That’s why Trump won in her world. Other Elitists believe Trump won because the people that voted for him are racists, bigots, misogynists, rednecks, xenophobes…..and so forth. Which is odd to me, be it that many of the same people that voted for Obama in 2008 and in 2012 turned and voted for Trump in 2016. How can those people be “racist bigots” if they voted for the 1st Black President just years ago? Hmmm…..

What blows my mind is these disconnected, out of touch Celebrities….STILL don’t get it. I lived in Hollywood for years. I worked for these people, I even lived in their homes and I will tell you -they are CLUELESS. They don’t live like us and they certainly don’t think like us (I even shot a video on this topic). The things we do on a daily basis like grocery shop, pick our kids up from school, clean our houses, walk our dogs and so forth is foreign to them. That’s why it fascinates me that every four years they crawl out of their little cocoons and dictate who we should vote for or what to vote for. It obviously didn’t go their way this time and they are throwing embarrassing tantrums!

Over the course of the last few weeks we have watched the Mainstream Media continue their berating of now President-Elect Trump. They have encountered no “come to Jesus” moment. Instead of jumping off the hamster wheel of bias, they are spinning even faster. With every spin, more and more Americans are waking up from their skewed news comas. In the latest George Washington University battleground poll, 45% of voters say they have a positive opinion of the president-elect, up 9 points from mid-October’s poll.

Hollywood and and the Main Stream Media are best friends and they live by the same code of vanity. The “Material Girl” …..really is a material girl. No substance. Nothing deeper than what is readily visual. “Women hate Women,” it must be that.  No diving into the issues, no dissecting the elements, no questioning the opposition….just the baseless conclusion that “Women hate Women.” The shallowness nature of this hypothesis is why Trump won. For these Elitists to think that we vote on Race and Gender as our guide on WHO runs our country is down right insulting!  The assumption that I don’t think deeper on the issues at hand is offensive. I don’t care what color an individuals skin is, nor am I concerned with what genitals are between their legs! I vote on policy.

So no Madonna, Trump did not win because “women hate women.” Trump won because women voted on the ISSUES at hand.
Women voted for lower taxes.
Women voted for Securing our Borders.
Women voted for the ability to choose where their kids go to school.
Women voted for the protection of life in the womb.
Women voted for less government regulation.
Women voted for sensible tax reform.
Women voted for the repealing & replacing of Obamacare.
Women voted for Supreme Court Justices that will not create laws but simply interpret the law.
Women voted for Free Market Capitalism.
Women voted for the ability to protect themselves & their families in utilizing their 2nd Amendment Rights.
Women voted for keeping  American manufacturing companies in the U.S.

Women voted for an end to the Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement.

Women voted for putting our Veterans FIRST.

Women voted for the negotiation of fair trade deals that benefit Americans.
Women voted for the end of radical Islamic terrorism.
Women voted for Religious Liberty.

And It’s “we”  women who are soooo over Hollywood Elitists thinking they know what’s best for Middle Class America.

No hate was involved in our vote Madonna.

We voted with our intellect and that’s why Trump won.


One thought on “No Madonna it wasn’t because of “hate” that Trump won.

  1. I love your article to Madonna. You are a very sharp and intelligent lady. Celebs are clueless. They are self righteous and self serving. No real thought for their fellow man (or woman, Madonna). I thought long and hard about Trump. But I knew immediately I was not voting for Hilary. She’s a very skewed person. Yes, I would love to see a woman President, but not her. She does not embody my vision of an admirable woman. You are right on as to why I voted Trump. We needed real hope of being able to climb out of this sinkhole the USA is in. I believe he can make a difference.


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