This pic explains my thoughts on not standing for the National Anthem:

While Hillary is destroying evidence with Hammers AFTER being subpoenaed –which is a total CRIME in itself, and North Korea is testing Nuclear Warheads, we are discussing NFL players not standing for the National Anthem….

I totally disagree with this spoiled brat mentality and find it ironic to not stand for the very thing that symbolizes your right to not stand. Weird right? I mean that flag represents our liberty—the liberty to be a jack monkey and this is what these players are being.

They could instead wear something to symbolize the “justice” they are demanding, or hold hands after the game, or lay on the field at Half-Time….I seriously don’t care…..and to be honest I am still trying the wrap my head around just exactly what these guys are protesting…..but do whatever -really….not standing for the Flag that so many sacrificed their lives for…..just wrong in my opinion…wrong.

While these guys are exercising their 1st Amendment Right, which is our right and must NEVER be taken away,  I will exercise mine……this is how I feel about the whole thing: nfl

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