Hillary’s Health

Earlier today, Hillary left the 9/11 Ceremony in New York City suddenly. On the 15th anniversary of the worst tragedy our nation has ever encountered, Hillary was not well enough to stay for the whole event. Of course rumors start flying around instantly. After seeing this video though guys,  I honestly think she is not well. No it was not heat exhaustion, it was in the upper 70’s when she passed out. No it’s not hot flashes the woman is 68 years old. Dr. Drew was fired for coming forward and expressing his concern about Hillary’s health. Prior to this, any mention of Hillary not being well was written off as conspiracy. If you follow this blog at all, I have always said conspiracies form around a speck of truth. Watch the second take on this clip, you will see Hillary’s feet dragging, can’t even stand up at all! Watch, What do you think?

After the incident she went to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment and emerged to talk to the press full of energy……(perhaps that energy came from a shot of adrenaline…hmmmm….)

Hillary’s doctor just released this statement:


I don’t know folks but something just doesn’t feel right about this…..this cough started ages ago, and she just now is being diagnosed with pneumonia….whaaa???

If Hillary isn’t “well,” voters need to strongly consider that a vote for Hillary could wind up as a vote for this guy:


A great way to solve this dilemma is to vote for the man that will MAKE this country GREAT AGAIN!

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