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It was over a year and a half ago when I wrote the blog “Hey Hollywood…Shut Up!,” and it has remained my most popular blog.

Before I was “momma,” I lived in Hollywood. I actually worked and lived in a well known celebrities home in Beverly Hills. I witnessed first hand how these celebrities live, and how completely disconnected they are from the rest of America. That’s why I find it extremely hypocritical that these Celebrities feel the need to weigh in during election season and tell us “common folk” how to vote and WHO to vote for.

Hollywood does not live like us. Most of these celebs could not even tell you what a gallon of gas costs or much less a gallon of milk. They have people doing EVERYTHING for them…..EVERYTHING.

If it takes exertion of any kind, they have a hired hand for it!

Driving a car, cooking food, answer their phone, mowing their grass, flushing their toilet, raising their kid(s), painting their toes, combing their hair, cleaning their home, buying their own groceries…..you name it, they have got someone doing it for them!

As the General Election nears, each passing day presents another privileged, spoiled celebrity coming forward telling us that they are leaving the country if “so and so” is elected ….well…..I say GO, seriously….bye bye!

Enough! No more telling us HOW to vote AND especially WHO to vote for, until you start living like the rest of us!

A huge thank you to Access  Media Group for partnering with me on this project, you guys are awesome!

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One thought on “Hey Hollywood -Video

  1. Thank you for speaking out…I just saw Steve Harvey talk about what a cool president we have in Obama because he had a huge birthday party with all the glitter from Hollywood attending his party…Really??? Some of the same that you are speaking about…they make me sick!!!

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