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Get off your a** and STAND.

No one goes to a movie or sits down to watch a sporting event and hopes that politics will be shoved in their face. No one. It is that moment when you can escape it. That moment where you can shut the real world off, you can shut off the day to day grind and ….well….relax.

This hasn’t been the case lately. Celebrities have decided to shoot their mouths off politically at every turn. Jennifer Lawrence just recently implied that our recent Hurricane’s are due to voting for Trump. Which is odd because I don’t remember Cuba, or the Caribbean Islands voting for Trump….do you??? Well, as a result to these political outcries by out of touch celebrities, this years summer box office hit a 25 year low in sales! Last year we watched multiple NFL players take a knee during the National Anthem and as a result NFL ratings tanked. These players were protesting….many things. Police Officers treatment towards people of color, oppression, white privilege, and they believe that not standing for the flag would change all this.

The irony here is these individuals who refuse to stand for the flag are essentially protesting the symbol of freedom. That’s what the United States Flag IS a symbol of –FREEDOM. They are actually protesting what symbolizes their right to protest. The strategy in not standing was not clearly conveyed last season or understood by the vast majority of Americans. This kneeling during the National Anthem just came across as disrespectful (because it was). When most Americans were asked if they understood this public display in not standing for the flag, they didn’t.

I had a gentleman write me in response to the video (below) saying the “flag was flown during slavery in our country and should not be respected”…..and “technically” I would say no-the U.S. Flag during that time only had 33-36 stars. Okay….yes, I will freely acknowledge that the flag was flown during some very dark and terrible times in our history, but it was also flown during the END of slavery in our country, it was flown when the 15 Amendment was signed declaring Blacks the right to vote, the flag was flown during the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s, it was flown when Jim Crow Laws were overturned, it was flown when the first Black President was sworn into office in 2009. The flag has been flown through huge social advancement achievements in our history as well.

I want to know how not standing for the Flag will provide justice for those claiming injustice? If Black lives really mattered to the Black Lives Matter movement, why are they not in Chicago? Where hundreds upon hundreds of Black people are killed each year by other Black people. Black on Black crime sits right around 90% of black murders!!!! If these NFL players taking a knee during the National Anthem REALLY cared about the harm taking place in the Black Communities, they’d quit their jobs (they have enough money to do it) and they’d be living in these Black communities educating, encouraging father’s to be father’s and not leave their families, they’d be working on drug prevention, meeting with Police Officers and coming up with SOLUTIONS. They would be taking action, instead of taking a knee. What we are witnessing is showboating. I have NOT WITNESSED ONE protesting individual coming up with solutions to the problems being protested. I just see anger and rage on repeat. My question is HOW do we solve this? Is not standing for the Flag going to solve this? I actually think not standing will further the divide.

Our flag is ahead of us on social advancement, because it is the seal of our freedom. It presses each of us to pursue freedom. It presses each of us to pursue equality under the law. If you don’t stand for the flag you are not standing for equality, or the advancement of freedom ……..and freedom knows no color or race.

Too many have given their lives so that freedom may be preserved and advanced in our country.

You stand for the flag.

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This pic explains my thoughts on not standing for the National Anthem:

While Hillary is destroying evidence with Hammers AFTER being subpoenaed –which is a total CRIME in itself, and North Korea is testing Nuclear Warheads, we are discussing NFL players not standing for the National Anthem….

I totally disagree with this spoiled brat mentality and find it ironic to not stand for the very thing that symbolizes your right to not stand. Weird right? I mean that flag represents our liberty—the liberty to be a jack monkey and this is what these players are being.

They could instead wear something to symbolize the “justice” they are demanding, or hold hands after the game, or lay on the field at Half-Time….I seriously don’t care…..and to be honest I am still trying the wrap my head around just exactly what these guys are protesting…..but do whatever -really….not standing for the Flag that so many sacrificed their lives for…..just wrong in my opinion…wrong.

While these guys are exercising their 1st Amendment Right, which is our right and must NEVER be taken away,  I will exercise mine……this is how I feel about the whole thing: nfl