Grab your popcorn it’s gonna be yuuuuge!

Tonight the leftist, progressive, biased media of MSNBC will be showcasing Donald Trump and Hillary in a forum at 6pm Eastern Time. This is the first time the two will be speaking at the same event as Presidential Candidates. They It will be hosted by good ol’ Matt Laueer a strong supporter of the Clinton Foundation.

Will Hillary start coughing?

Will she have an allergic reaction to Donald Trump? Who knows!

Will it be an all out attack on Trump by the biased media? Who knows!

I’ll be live tweeting @conmomma, follow along!

Comment with your thoughts after you watch!

One thought on “Grab your popcorn it’s gonna be yuuuuge!

  1. I was pleasantly surprised at the questioning by Matt Lauer. I didn’t expect him to go after Hillary like he did. She was squirming. Per a few commentators I heard this morning, General Flynn and Speaker Gingrich, she was also untruthful in her response to the vet regarding her handling of classified material. Though anyone who has paid attention over the past few months knew she was lying as well. I also think Trump held his own. He is going to get pounded over the next 2 months regarding old tweets and I thought he did okay handling that. He was also right about the Generals, we have lost good men under this Administration and I hope they return to service in some capacity if Trump is elected. There are too many Obama lackeys in charge right now. That needs to change in my opinion. Bottom line, I think Trump came out of the forum better than Clinton. I’m looking forward to the debates!


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