CM LIVE Vlog May 21st 2021

Hey you guys!

It’s been a wild week. One of my kids just completed their last day of school for the year today, and the other two finish next Friday. Lots of end of the year activities, field trips etc. In the midst of all this I am sleeping on a cot in my basement while our popcorn ceiling is being removed ūü§™.

I wasn’t planning on going LIVE and fitting in commentary this week but felt like I needed to address a few things.

This vlog covers:

False Prophets

The squads hypocrisy 

Israel and what the Bible says will come to pass

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Wake up, Hillary is Not for Gays or Women.

A video showed up on my personal Facebook news feed yesterday that I must address. ¬†It was a clip from the show ¬†“Will and Grace,” a show that aired in the early 2000’s that reunited it’s cast, to film a scene that openly endorses Hillary and slams Trump.

The scene opens with Will and Grace sitting at the table, Will expresses his shock that Donald Trump is the nominee and could possibly be President of the United States. Then enters Karen, a Trump supporter, appearing to be a complete moron, and blatantly racist. The the shows fourth character Jack enters- Jack tells Will, Grace and Karen he doesn’t know who to vote for. From here we see Grace, played by Liberal Progressive Debra Messing-who openly supports Globalist Hillary Clinton, try to convince Jack on why he should vote for Hillary, primarily because Hillary has a vagina and is a career politician. The scene ends with Jack in full support of the Globalist. Click here for the propaganda.

Was I surprised by this scene? No. Was I alarmed that they would so openly support Hillary? No.

But I was dumbfounded by the ignorance.

The shows two leading men are GAY characters. Yep, and they are openly supporting a woman that has taken money from countries that kill gays for just being gay. While Hillary touts about civil rights and her support of homosexuals, she puts money in her pocket from human rights violators, dictators and leaders that desire nothing less but to wipe out the LBGTQ community. The Clinton Foundation has received¬†between¬†$1 million and $5 million each from United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman.¬†Saudi Arabia has given between $10 million and $25 million to the foundation as well. In some of these countries women have no rights too. They are treated like dogs-property. If a woman is raped, she must have at least 5 male eye witnesses to testify that she was raped, if not the woman is often murdered. Women can’t drive in some of these places, they have to at all times be accompanied by a man if they are out in public.

Now let me ask you this, would you take money from someone that kills homosexuals? Would you vote for a woman that takes money from someone that believes a woman is a piece of property? How could anyone support someone like this? Either you are unaware that though Hillary speaks with eloquence in public, she does dark deeds in private, or you agree with taking this evil money.

Well the Foundation has done a lot of “good” too you might argue. If you do a lot of bad and throw in some “good” here and there, that doesn’t make you good.

These cast of characters must also not be aware that in 1975 Hillary defended Thomas Alfred, the rapist of a 12 year old little girl. She was beaten so badly she was in a coma for 5 days. Because of this incident she was never able to have children. Alfred’s underwear had his semen on it, along with the victims blood. ¬†Hillary accused the 12 yr old of “wanting an older man” and accused her of “fantasizing” about being raped. This little girl was a virgin before the incident. Hillary got this guy off with serving a 2 month sentence.


“Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.” -Hillary Clinton.

Did this 12 year old girl not deserve to be heard, believed or supported? Did the women assaulted by Bill Clinton not deserve to heard, believed or supported? (More on Bill click here).

I am a firm believer that actions speak louder than words. Saying you are “for” something or support something but then doing the opposite makes you a hypocrite, plain and simple; it also makes you extremely untrustworthy.

Trust me, I want to see a woman president! Just not this woman- who is embedded in scandals, corruption, lies, deceit and hypocrisy.

While “Will and Grace” and countless other celebrities push heavily for the Globalist Hillary, I can only conclude that they are all either uninformed or support the injustices Hillary has committed.


Hey Hollywood -Video

It was over a year and a half ago when I wrote the blog “Hey Hollywood…Shut Up!,” and it has remained my most popular blog.

Before I was “momma,” I lived in Hollywood. I actually worked and lived in a well known celebrities home in Beverly Hills. I witnessed first hand how these celebrities live, and how completely disconnected they are from the rest of America. That’s why I find it extremely hypocritical that these Celebrities feel the need to weigh in during election season and tell us “common folk” how to vote and WHO to vote for.

Hollywood¬†does not live like us. Most of these celebs could not even tell you what a gallon of gas costs or much less a gallon of milk. They have people doing EVERYTHING for them…..EVERYTHING.

If it takes exertion of any kind, they have a hired hand for it!

Driving a car, cooking food, answer their phone, mowing their grass, flushing their toilet, raising their kid(s), painting their toes, combing their hair, cleaning their home, buying their own groceries… name it, they have got someone doing it for them!

As the General Election nears, each passing day presents another privileged, spoiled celebrity coming forward telling us that they are leaving the country if “so and so” is elected ….well…..I say GO, seriously….bye bye!

Enough! No more telling us HOW to vote AND especially WHO to vote for, until you start living like the rest of us!

A huge thank you to Access  Media Group for partnering with me on this project, you guys are awesome!

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Hey Hollywood…….. SHUT UP!!!!

Ughhhh! I am seriously so over Hollywood celebrities shooting their mouths off politically! I mean just shut up!

After Michael Moore’s comment about sniper’s being cowards and Seth Rogen referring to the box office hit “American Sniper,” as “propaganda,” -I gotta say I am at a place where I get nauseous when a celebrity opens their mouth on any subject manner that requires thought.

I lived in Hollywood, I worked for a very well known celebrity, I know the “scene” well and I gotta say….they are all hypocrites.

They shoot their mouths off, when they have NO concept of reality! Very few of the celebrities I came in contact with knew how to drive, cook, shop, or even carry on a normal conversation involving eye contact. I often felt like I was in the twilight zone-for real! They are so wealthy that they don’t know what to do, so they try to pretend like they “know” ….when they DON’T KNOW!!!

I really think a lot of them struggle with guilt and that’s why they jump on the liberal gravy train. They think everyone who has money, should give it to those that don’t, and they want the government to impose this through taxes. I find it really hypocritical because they personally spend big bucks to hide their money, in off shore accounts, tax loopholes and alternate living addresses.

It’s like, I’ll preach and tell you to do something, but I am going to not do what I am preaching for you to do….aka….Hypocrisy.

That’s when it comes around to election time-all these celebrities start speaking out for a cause-which is always a liberal cause, because liberals are the only ones who care (sarcasm).

Here’s the thing, these people are entertainers, actors, who are experts at playing a “part.” Their job is to convince you! I just saw through it all, and it made me sick….so sick, I left.

Before you watch some starlet spout her mouth off about a cause, just remember that she probably doesn’t even know how to make a piece of toast….seriously….

So Hollywood, until you buy your own groceries, cook your own food, fill your tank with gas, raise your kids without a full time nanny, mow your own grass, drive a car……shut the hell up!