Are you a victim of the Main Stream Media’s Manipulation?

It was years ago that I stopped listening to the mainstream media….and that’s when I started to really find truth. After Wednesday night’s GOP debate on CNBC-what had been accusation for years became evident-the media IS biased. For years Conservatives have claimed that the mainstream media is pushing a liberal agenda but on Wednesday night these claims were verified.

It’s funny, I saw a recent clip of Whoopi Goldberg saying that Republican candidates shouldn’t be complaining about the questions they were asked and they should “grow some nuts.”

Huh…..I don’t see it as complaining….no….I see this is as “we have had enough!” Enough of the biased, liberal agenda being shoved down our throats! We are mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it anymore!

The debate looked like the candidates were criminals being interrogated! No questions on their policies were asked!

“Are you a comic book villain?”

“Do you hate your job?”

“…….You have a lack of bookkeeping skills?”

“Why don’t you resign?”

“Is that why you are having a difficult time in this room?”

“Should the Government Regulate Fantasy Football?”

“Is this a comic book version of a Presidential campaign?”

“Can you do math?”

“Why have your numbers fallen?”

Liberals are saying that none of the candidates answered the “substantive” questions…..

Geez, maybe it’s just me, but I just don’t see the questions above as “substantive.” Oh and this debate was supposed to encompass Economic issues…really….I mean….really?

An Example of a Substantive Question :

“How would you work to balance the budget?”

“How do we get the 94 million people who are out of work -working again?”

“How do we get the 50 million  who are in poverty out of poverty?”

“How do we inspire independence among Americans and less dependence on Government among Americans?”

You see, I watched the Democratic (Socialist) Debate….and after hours….yes hours of the Candidates on stage promising FREE things if they were voted for…..NOT ONE of the moderators asked HOW ARE YOU GOING TO SUCCESSFULLY PAY FOR THESE FREEBIES. To me, that would have been a substantial question.

If you are just now realizing the biased media …….welcome and congratulations……but you now are going to have to WORK to find out who is telling the truth….because fyi-it’s NOT your nightly news sources.

One simple and easy way to tell if you are a victim of the mainstream media’s manipulation is to ask yourself this question on our state of the Union:

‘Has the “unemployment” rate been at low rate under Obama?’

If you say ‘yes’ —–then you are a victim of the Main Stream Media’s Manipulation 😦

I am sorry….take a breath….I know at first realization it’s hard to acknowledge and accept…..but know that we have all been there 🙂

You see the unemployment numbers ARE horrendous. The mainstream media will only report those that are ON unemployment and looking for work. The media will not report those that are no longer receiving unemployment and those who have stopped looking for work……(which is a ton of people by the way-94 million).

This is just ONE of the hundreds of ways the media twists it’s reporting to benefit the liberal left.

The list unfortunately is endless….

But the more people that wake up and realize that truth is not being presented….the better shot we have of accountable journalism.

What I witnessed on Wednesday night is CALLING THE MEDIA OUT ON IT’S MANIPULATIVE AGENDA!

I am proud of the candidates courage to say ENOUGH.

Perhaps this is a turning point….time will tell.

P.S. If you haven’t yet seen this clip of Ted Cruz killing it-watch:

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