The Individual

I don’t even really know where to begin….and that’s not good to say when I am sitting down to write what I thought of the Democratic Debate.

By now you have probably read most of the commentary out there. “Hillary won”….”no Bernie won” and “Jim Webb is in the wrong party,” those are just some of the one-liners-I’ve heard being tossed around. I sat there Tuesday night-mouth open and kinda in shock. My first remark is to inform any Democrat out there that your party is no longer Democrat. The days of the JFK and Roosevelt blue-blooded democrats are no more. The days of “classic liberalism” are now to be mentions in the History Books. The Democrat Party has become the party of Socialism.

I witnessed those on stage trying to ‘out promise’ the others on what they will freely give away if elected! Free College, Free Healthcare, Free early childhood education, Free Day Care, Free College to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS…..Free-Free-Free! There was no mention of “how” this will all be paid for-just that the Rich will have ‘all hell’ taxed out of them and that  “might”-“let’s hope” -pay for it all! Because now, it is the Governments role to decide when the Rich are too rich-according to those bracing the stage Tuesday evening. There was no mention of our current 18 trillion in debt. As I watched the candidates promise ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS Free college. There was no mention of the thousands upon thousands of Veterans who are jobless/homeless and need of health services. There was no mention or deciphering between Illegal Immigrants and LEGAL Immigrants- and yes-there’s a difference. There was no mention of the 94 million Americans currently out of work. There was no mention of the 50 million living in poverty. There was no mention of the 46 million Americans on food-stamps. There was no mention of HOW to create jobs….no….just “Free” crap was promised to get your vote. If Bernie Sanders were to be the President, he’d take our country into an additional 18 Trillion in Debt. If Hillary were to be elected President-it be continuing on the path we are on now folks, and the numbers (above) aren’t good.

As I sat there I thought, ‘why?’ Why is Socialism resonating with Americans at all? (Socialism-the concept of the redistribution of wealth through government confiscation).

It was last night I was listening to Glenn Beck on the radio and it all clicked. He brought up an observation that I had never seen before when writing blogs on Socialism. It was that we have become a God-less country. Now hear me out…..

When you become God-less you still search for a God. It could be your job, your family, your hobby, your bottle of wine each night…..whatever it is-you will find a replacement to the one true God. With God removed from America it is natural for the people to want to replace God, and we are seeing that with Government. We are seeking to allow government to fill that role-fill that void. It’s horrible to witness poverty, the deterioration of the family structure, Veterans dying before they are seen by the VA, a single mom with 9 kids on welfare, shootings in schools, babies being aborted, small businesses shutdown….I could go on….

So what is the natural response?

“Somebody DO something!!!”

Instead of crying out to God….we are witnessing a crying out to Government. We want the Government to solve these problems. We want the government, that consists of very fallible individuals, to solve and fix it all!

But the government can’t.

It comes down to the individual.

What makes America exceptional, is it was founded upon the concept of the Individual. The idea that the Individual -the power of ONE-can change the world. The idea that one person can make a difference. America’s core foundation entailed protection to that Individual’s liberty to freely pursue all the dreams inside them. The Constitution shields the Individual, so that they may set out to pursue.

Protecting the Constitution wasn’t even mentioned Tuesday Night.

How far we have come….

Can we get back? Can we change course?

Yes. I believe we can.

But those we elect MUST see the vital need to protect the individual’s liberty and align fiercely with the Constitution.

The Government is not the answer. This country was founded to limit the governments role in our lives. Look at what has happened with MORE government involvement! The government is not God, nor should the Government replace God.

We must empower the One. The sole entity.

If we do this….we can change course. We can change the majorities mindset from  ‘DEPENDENCE’ to ‘INDEPENDENCE’ and that is what America is all about.

ONE can make a difference: Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, Jesus, Gandhi, George Washington, Galileo, Columbus, Isaac Newton, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Michelangelo, Mozart, Da Vinci, Aristotle, St. Paul, Susan B Anthony, Neil Armstrong, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Winston Churchill, Harriet Tubman, Margaret Thatcher…….the list is endless…..

Let’s Empower the Individual and elect those who will protect the Individual’s right to freedom and the freedom to pursue.

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