You want to know what is Terrifying….?

On this Halloween I thought I’d take a moment to tell you all what terrifies me. What really scares me….is a biased media that refuses to do its job for the American people. I personally know people that get their news solely from the Mainstream Media. They actually watch the nightly news, and believe what they are told and this terrifies me and at the same time saddens me. They are completely mislead and have no clue what really is taking place around them. You can call it ignorance or naivety but too many trust our Mainstream Media.

Yesterday we heard of Paul Manafort’s arrest by the FBI for money laundering as well as refusing to disclose financial reports as a foreign operative. I am not going to excuse Manafort’s behavior IF he is found guilty and we’ll have to watch this play out. You would think though, due to the reporting by the Mainstream Media, that this ties to Trump and it DOES NOT in ANY WAY.  Manafort was working for the Ukrainians and all of his dealings took place YEARS before being on the Trump campaign. Let’s also remember that Manafort was brought on as campaign manager for Trump for only a month and a half -to assist with the Delegation process during the nomination of President Trump in July of  2016. Let’s also take take note that Tony Podesta, the brother of John Podesta (Hillary’s campaign manager) also is accused of not disclosing financial reports while working as a foreign operative. His firm the “Podesta Group” has been subpoenaed and Tony stepped down yesterday.

The news yesterday was insane about Manafort though. Non stop coverage and the Mainstream Media was salivating at the mouth! “This is it…..the first of many indictments,” I kept hearing. Each pundit, journalist, reporter trying desperately to tie all the drama to Trump.

I have watched for years, a media that I cannot trust, mislead the masses.

While Hillary destroyed servers, and deleted 30 thousand emails. While Hillary smashed subpoenaed evidence with hammers and paid 9 million for a fake Dossier -that caused all the fake “Russian/Trump Collusion” Narrative. While Hillary sold 20% of U.S. Uranium and The Clinton Foundation pocketed 145 Million dollars….and so forth —The media focused on a shiny sequined House Representative talk about President Trump’s private phone calls with a widow, or they focused on a Tweet from the President, or Melania’s shoes, or the way the President tossed out paper towels ……….and it all terrifies me.

A globalist ran Media…..desperately trying to divide, conquer and mislead Americans.

So….here is a glimpse at our reality…..our terrifying reality that WE MUST EXPOSE, bring to light and cause those that are still in darkness to see the truth.

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The GREAT divider

The tragedy of Hurricane Harvey is heartbreaking and at the same time…..inspiring to those that had lost almost all hope in American strength and kindness. We witnessed overwhelming love and compassion for those who had lost everything. First responders displaying heroism at it’s best, stories of successful rescues, loved ones reuniting with loved ones, unity, and an unrelenting empathy for total strangers. We saw Americans coming together to help their fellow Americans.

No rescuers were stopping to ask those they were rescuing “who they voted for in the last election?”
No nurses were asking those wanting to give blood “if they were Republican or Democrat?”

Politics had been set aside…..or at least I was naive enough in that moment to think so.

Within moments of President Trump leaving to go visit the victims of Hurricane Harvey, the media pounced at what our First Lady Melania Trump was wearing as she boarded Marine One. She was wearing Heels. THE NERVE! She had high heels on and the media was salivating at the opportunity to tear into her choice of attire. The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Washington Post and Vogue ALL ran articles about Melania’s choice of footwear. The Washington Post is quoted saying: Mrs. Trump “offered up a fashion moment instead of an expression of empathy.” The other mainstream media sources used this moment to describe Melania and our President as “out of touch” and “elite.” Little did the media know that Melania was going to change her shoes on the flight to Houston. When she arrived she had on sneakers and a ball-cap, prepared to greet those who had lost so much.

The media, then decided to attack our President on his “lack of empathy.” Media outlets complained that Trump was visiting too soon and should have waited, his visit was a distraction to those in need. Now, we know if Trump had waited -the media would have attacked Trump on not visiting soon enough, and the story would have been how disengaged he was to those in need! You can’t WIN with the Media. Very few outlets commended the President for donating 1 MILLION of his own money to help those impacted by Harvey.  Our media, the great divider- owned by Globalists, fueled with hate for President Trump is relentless….they won’t let up.

The media displayed the desire to NOT UNITE but to actively DIVIDE our country in the midst of a tragedy and it is BEYOND disgusting!

Last night after a busy day, I looked at picture after picture displaying our President being a GREAT President and responding to the needs of so many hurting Americans….these pictures are pictures the mainstream media does not want you to see:



I think at this point so many Americans are waking up to the fact that the Media is playing the American people. The media is OWNED by those that DO NOT WANT America to be great. The media wants to cause division and disunity. The media will even go so far as to use a tragedy to further an agenda hoping to shatter this country. Why? Because our President stopped their agenda….the agenda to dissolve America of its sovereignty and strip Americans of their Individual Liberty.

We must continue to stop this goal. To push back on the Media’s agenda. I do this by impersonating how asinine they really are…..enjoy……

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I support President Trump, because I care about my children’s Individual Liberty.

Over the course of the last several months, I have upset some people. It was not intentional. People I have known for years couldn’t grasp how or why I supported Trump. Even now, months after the election, it can be awkward when I am around them…it’s that elephant in the room. Most have never wanted to know “why?” I guess they assume because I am a Republican I would just support the nominee, but I supported Trump way before he was the nominee, because I knew what was at stake. 

I took a picture the other day of my three children. I found myself just staring at it over and over again, that’s what we moms and dads do. All three of my children together, different faces, expressions and personalities packed inside their little bodies. They like different toys, enjoy different foods, laugh at different things and so forth. I can’t blanket parent them either, what works with one child, doesn’t work with the others, they are unique individuals. 

Individualism is God created, He knew us before we were formed. We have our own DNA, our own fingerprints unmatched to anyone else on earth!

What sets America apart from other nations is that she was founded upon Individual liberty. The recognition that true freedom is endowed to us by our Creator and not government. Empowering and equipping one to decide what is best for ones self. 

“There is only one kind of freedom and that’s individual liberty. Our lives come from our creator and our liberty comes from our creator. It has nothing to do with government granting it.” -Ron Paul

The erosion of our individual liberty as Americans has increased over the last 50 years. We have witnessed an overreach in government in all spectrums of our personal lives: our education, our Second Amendment Rights, our healthcare, the Johnson Amendment silencing churches, our free speech being questioned, our fourth Amendment Rights being violated by the NSA and so forth-these are just a few of the endless examples of how the government has encroached upon our own individual liberty. 

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety” -Benjamin Franklin. 

Now most of this was done for the “betterment” of society. ‘The government knows better than the individual’ – is the ideology that has lead us to this point. 

Many Americans enjoy cushy government jobs -roughly 22 million Americans to be more exact. The belief that the government can meet the needs of the masses has become the norm. Only government does not create jobs. Government runs off of the tax payer.  Placing the burden of an enlarged government on the hardworking Middle  Class.

But, this wave of thinking that the elitists in government know better than the Individual has ushered in Globalism. The erosion of Individual Liberty, in exchange for global autonomy. This concept is anti-American, in that it annihilates the individual. Individual liberty is tied to the individual, therefore ones liberty also ceases to exist. 

This is why this past election was so contentious. It was a clash of what the future is to hold. 

You can’t have both. 

You can’t be a Globalist and a proponent of Individual Liberty. In globalism the individual loses their individualism in exchange for provision. The Global Elite rule and provide equally to the masses. The end goal world socialism, governed by the Elite. 

As a mom, looking at my children I knew what was at stake in the last election. I knew that their individual liberty was worth the fight and even worth the loss of a few dear friends. We may have won the battle but the war is not over. 

We are now witnessing protests funded by Globalists like George Soros, in hopes to further their agenda. We are seeing the  “Organization for Action” that President Obama currently heads, pushing for disruption, with the desire to delegitimize President Trump because he stands in total opposition to Globalism. And we witness a Media, owned by the Global Elite, pushing an agenda to tackle President Trump at his every move. 

My children’s Individual Liberty is at stake, because America’s future is at stake. Their uniqueness, their autonomy, their ability to choose what is best for themselves and not what an Elitist deems is best for them. America, through the years has faced tyranny but the tyranny now is within. It is because I love my children and their unmatched Individualism, that I will continue to fight against anyone who attempts to take it! 

Are you a victim of the Main Stream Media’s Manipulation?

It was years ago that I stopped listening to the mainstream media….and that’s when I started to really find truth. After Wednesday night’s GOP debate on CNBC-what had been accusation for years became evident-the media IS biased. For years Conservatives have claimed that the mainstream media is pushing a liberal agenda but on Wednesday night these claims were verified.

It’s funny, I saw a recent clip of Whoopi Goldberg saying that Republican candidates shouldn’t be complaining about the questions they were asked and they should “grow some nuts.”

Huh…..I don’t see it as complaining….no….I see this is as “we have had enough!” Enough of the biased, liberal agenda being shoved down our throats! We are mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it anymore!

The debate looked like the candidates were criminals being interrogated! No questions on their policies were asked!

“Are you a comic book villain?”

“Do you hate your job?”

“…….You have a lack of bookkeeping skills?”

“Why don’t you resign?”

“Is that why you are having a difficult time in this room?”

“Should the Government Regulate Fantasy Football?”

“Is this a comic book version of a Presidential campaign?”

“Can you do math?”

“Why have your numbers fallen?”

Liberals are saying that none of the candidates answered the “substantive” questions…..

Geez, maybe it’s just me, but I just don’t see the questions above as “substantive.” Oh and this debate was supposed to encompass Economic issues…really….I mean….really?

An Example of a Substantive Question :

“How would you work to balance the budget?”

“How do we get the 94 million people who are out of work -working again?”

“How do we get the 50 million  who are in poverty out of poverty?”

“How do we inspire independence among Americans and less dependence on Government among Americans?”

You see, I watched the Democratic (Socialist) Debate….and after hours….yes hours of the Candidates on stage promising FREE things if they were voted for…..NOT ONE of the moderators asked HOW ARE YOU GOING TO SUCCESSFULLY PAY FOR THESE FREEBIES. To me, that would have been a substantial question.

If you are just now realizing the biased media …….welcome and congratulations……but you now are going to have to WORK to find out who is telling the truth….because fyi-it’s NOT your nightly news sources.

One simple and easy way to tell if you are a victim of the mainstream media’s manipulation is to ask yourself this question on our state of the Union:

‘Has the “unemployment” rate been at low rate under Obama?’

If you say ‘yes’ —–then you are a victim of the Main Stream Media’s Manipulation 😦

I am sorry….take a breath….I know at first realization it’s hard to acknowledge and accept…..but know that we have all been there 🙂

You see the unemployment numbers ARE horrendous. The mainstream media will only report those that are ON unemployment and looking for work. The media will not report those that are no longer receiving unemployment and those who have stopped looking for work……(which is a ton of people by the way-94 million).

This is just ONE of the hundreds of ways the media twists it’s reporting to benefit the liberal left.

The list unfortunately is endless….

But the more people that wake up and realize that truth is not being presented….the better shot we have of accountable journalism.

What I witnessed on Wednesday night is CALLING THE MEDIA OUT ON IT’S MANIPULATIVE AGENDA!

I am proud of the candidates courage to say ENOUGH.

Perhaps this is a turning point….time will tell.

P.S. If you haven’t yet seen this clip of Ted Cruz killing it-watch: