Refugee Crisis

After an all out attack on France by Radical Islamic Extremists, I have got to ask liberals to stop being ignorant.

I recently read a post by a liberal who fully supports taking in refugees from Syria. They said that we can’t turn away thousands because of “one” bad guy, in referring to the Syrian refugee involved in the attacks in Paris. To correct -it was TWO refugees from Syria involved in the attack-not one. I’d also like to ask: what if that “one” bad guy showed up to your child’s school,  or shopping mall, or mass transit system? Are you willing to throw those dice?

I am not.

With the current Syrian Refugee crisis, I stand strongly against allowing Syrian refugees into the United States. There is no reason to put Americans in danger when we could easily aid and help these refugees by setting up safe zones in neighboring Middle Eastern countries. These refugees would also experience much less of a culture shock then if they were thrust into a westernized society.

Are these refugees then going to get jobs? With the 94 million Americans currently out of work, are these refugees now going to compete in the job market? If not, are tax payers going to be supporting them along with the 110 million Americans currently on welfare? Can we not take care of our own first? What about the thousands of homeless veterans that have served our country….are they to continue to take a back seat?

This is not bigoted, hateful, racists or “non” Christian of me to say……it’s truth. The truth anymore has been completely shut up due to political correctness….but that does not make the truth less of a truth. The logical, and most fiscal approach to this crisis is to set up safe zones in Syria or neighboring countries and meet the needs of the refugees there.

In February,  FBI Assistant Director for Counter-terrorism Michael Steinbach testified that the “United States does not have “systems in places on the ground” in Syria to collect enough information to properly screen refugee program applicants.”

Here is a clip of Steinbach testfying before congress:

In other words there is no way to verify that those who come into our country through this refugee program have good intentions. Do you really think when a terrorist (posing as a refugee) is asked if they are a terrorist that they will answer “yes”??? These refugees don’t have paperwork….there’s no verification taking place. The line of questioning might as well be: Are you a terrorist? Answer: “No” ……ok come on in….

Ask yourself, just how has this worked for France? They are a product of opening up their borders to the Syrian Refugees…..

I have also heard a lot of people say we just need to put out this evil with “Love.”

What was witnessed in Paris, France on Friday, or the Tunisian Beach Massacre this summer, or the shooting down of the Russian Airliner killing 224 people just weeks ago, or the thousands of Iraqi Christians slaughtered over the last year…..was not simply evil, it was the Devil Incarnate and the Devil does not respond to love…..the devil hates love, he despises it… the only way to defeat the Devil….is to annihilate those he operates through.

I urge you to call your Governor and Senators and encourage them to help these refugees in their own countries by setting up safe zones…..






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