Dear Facebook Friends:

Dear Facebook friends:

I feel compelled to be honest with you……because in all honesty I haven’t been. Facebook is really what you “portray” yourself to be….and what you ‘post’ often reflects you. Now while I post pictures here and there of my family, life events and so forth…I have been slow to be me. Why? Because I didn’t want to offend anyone….

What’s even more sad, is I started a Page of who I really am….and I am more open and honest with strangers -than my so called ‘friends.’

I am a political person…..I wasn’t at first….to be honest I was oblivious to the world of politics…that is until my dad ran for United States Congress and I had the “come to Jesus moment” of just how much politics directly effect not only me….but my kids.

I know that many of my “friends” on Facebook see things from a totally different viewpoint than I do….instead of posting my views just like them, I avoided being honest…..because again….I didn’t want to offend anyone. So….I started my own page. Now while I love my Page where I can be honest, open and truly me, I am sharing with those of like mind….so it’s safe. This doesn’t take courage….it doesn’t even take boldness…’s just me…being me, but if I was to do it on my personal page….it’d take courage and boldness and being fearless of offending anyone.

What I have realized though is I am guilty of not practicing what I preach. I am a huge advocate of free speech. I am a huge advocate of NOT being politically correct…..because being politically correct has led us to a place of NO dialogue. When dialogue shuts down…..the opportunity for growth and change is killed. When conversations of debate and disagreement no longer exists-we are zombies with no hope of true advancement.

As I look around…..I am forced to acknowledge we are a nation divided. I am forced to acknowledge that the avoidance of conversation has brought us here. If we don’t talk….if we don’t engage….if we don’t argue…..we are numb….and we have become numb. Afraid to feel because feelings produce honesty and honesty provokes speech and for the love….don’t let us dare to speak!

I have debated, argued, and come to incredible resolutions with people on Twitter and my Facebook Page who when starting the conversation totally and completely disagreed with me….but doing that with someone I know….someone I might actually care about….I avoid.

Not anymore.

Too much is at stake.

As America signs a deal with a nation that chants “death to America” and gives them 150 billion tax payer dollars to use down the road to attack my children or my children’s children… has just gotten way too personal.

I can no longer play defense.

I can no longer be silent, when I should speak up.

I can no longer hide behind chats about the weather and recipes…..far too much is at stake.

What I am trying to say is….I am going to be me. It might annoy you, offend you, enrage you….if it does-tell me, let’s talk about it. Let’s HAVE a conversation or even an argument about it.

If you can permit a different viewpoint than your own….stay “my friend” but if you can not…’s ok to delete me….I won’t be offended…promise πŸ™‚

But it’s time to start talking…..

6 thoughts on “Dear Facebook Friends:

  1. Take it from me… I know all about offending people. I’m 24, the majority of my generation consists of politically correct cry babies who demand that everybody think like them or else. I made my own blog and facebook page as well and I lost alot of “friends” over some of the things I said in my blog posts. Especially the long rants I used to post on facebook before I decided to start writing on a blog. My facebook was suspended several times over the years because these cry babies reported me. And I’ve learned many years ago that if you lose “friends” over your political views, they were never your friends to begin with. But I learned that concept in a different way. Specifically along the lines of if you don’t bring money to party, they don’t want anything to do with you anymore. Real friends will stick by you regardless of your personal views. Because personal views have never been the main course that defines what type of friend you are. But in modern day, our views have become exactly that. Our views are wrongly used to determine what type of friend we may or may not be. And unfortunately or views are sadly used to define who we are as individuals as well.


  2. I speak my mind on FB as well. I have a small group of friends who engage in conversation regarding my posts, otherwise I have heard 2 comments – 1) I love reading your posts but don’t reply because I don’t want to offend anyone, or I’m afraid of who will read it, but I agree with everything you said or 2) FB is for fun, not political debate. I think we have the greatest venue in the history of mankind for the sharing of ideas. It saddens me that most people are afraid to use it. My hope is that one of my posts will make someone curious enough to think about the topic and maybe even research a bit. If we can take a few heads out of the sand, it’s worth offending the rest. Be brave!! πŸ™‚

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