15 Ways the Government wasted your money in the last year-

One of the biggest arguments I hear from Liberals is: “we wouldn’t have the problems we have if Conservatives and Republicans weren’t always refusing to spend money where it is NEEDED” Or “Conservatives are heartless and don’t love the poor because they always want to cut taxes!I” Far too often do I hear that so many problems would be solved if the government just had more money to do the “right” thing and if Republicans wouldn’t cut spending-more “right” would be done! As I often hear this argument, I think to myself….does this individual have any idea how much the government WASTES tax payer money every single year?

First, let’s be clear….the government doesn’t have ANY money-it simply USES YOUR tax dollars in a gluttonous overspending ridiculous …are you kidding me……kind of way!  Don’t believe me….here’s just 15 ways the government spent YOUR money over the last year and a half-

1) $16 million from the Department of Transportation to keep a crumbling mall in Fresno, Calif on life support…..ummm why support a mall that doesn’t bring in revenue? Why not tear it down and find investors to build a mall that people will come to and spend money at?? Wasteful much??

2) $41 billion on a missile defense system with a 70 percent failure rate. Huh…..if you did something 10 times and 7 of those times you lost billions of dollars….would you continue…. or here’s a thought- take a step back….find the error, fix it and save billions of dollars…..common sense is not used in government.

3) $171,000 teaching monkeys to play video games to prove that monkeys, like people, wrongly believe in winning and losing streaks. I’ve got nothing…..this is senseless…

4) $856,000 to teach mountain lions to run on a treadmill, to better analyze their caloric consumption rates. Because knowing a Mountain Lion’s caloric consumption rate is more important than putting that money toward a Veteran in need of an operation…..

5) $387,000 Swedish massages for rabbits for rabbits that are ill. Again…..massaging rabbits….more important that our Veterans…..???

6) $171,000 Studying the gambling habits of monkeys. Knowing gambling habits of Monkeys=vital!

7) $307,524 to teach Sea Monkey’s how to synchronize swim. So thrilled that our government finds this necessary…I mean who cares about those that have served our country right…….wrong! Government and priorities….obviously don’t mix!

8) $80 millionReal Life Iron Man Suit….cool right…..a good use of money spent….but that’s like buying a fancy sports car, when you can’t put food on the table for your kids.

9) $11-billion in faulty IRS refunds. Again. let’s not solve the problem of faulty IRS refunds….let’s keep throwing money away whoooohoooo! Party!

10) $3.3-billion in unemployment fraud a year……this could be solved, we could seriously make the penalty so severe for unemployment fraud that the committing of this crime drops….but that would take effort…so forget it…let’s just keep spending!

11) $4.5-billion in improper food stamp payments a year….who cares…it’s your money…not the govs-as if they have your credit card and they don’t care!!! Government and accountability….don’t mix either.

12) $3.9-billion  a year in theft from the IRS by identity thieves…..Hey IRS…..can you get virus protection please….it would help us tax payers out!

13) $165-million on an unused prison in Illinois……plow the prison over-problem solved!

14) $70-million a year on penny production…..stop making pennies-problem solved!

15) $15-million on military warehouse that is now unused and no one wants it in Afghanistan…..oh who cares…it’s just 15 million…..

That’s just 15….I could go on….and on……

Part of being a Conservative is being fiscally conservative. You see, there is funding to fix a lot of the “problems” out there…..it’s the misuse of funding that results in the ”problems” NOT being solved. Let’s get some people elected into office that KNOW economics, they know ‘debt vs spending ratio’ common sense and most importantly how to prioritize!

The next time you hear “the government needs MORE of your money to solve the world’s problems”……take a glance at this list again.

You give the government your money in every single paycheck….are they handling it responsibly?

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