God DOES NOT Bless #PlannedParenthood

Just recently released today is a video of Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Senior Director of Medical Services -involvement in selling aborted baby parts!

It was so difficult for me to watch this woman candidly talk about selling aborted babies while she chomps away on her lunch! I am sharing this video because I think it is vital for EVERYONE to know about this! If a baby is not a life, not human than how can someone make a profit off of this?!! “My body my choice”…..well then just whose body parts are you selling?

You see, It IS A LIFE!! A living, breathing, heart pounding life.

You wonder why our country is so messed up?

We are killing God’s children…..this is a big ‘F you’ to God…..you remove God from society….BAD things happen…terrible things happen. On top of all this people like you and me….who totally oppose this are paying taxes to fund Planned Parenthood! This is insanity! This needs to be STOPPED, this MUST be stopped! I could never ever ever vote for someone who votes to continue the funding of this trafficking of baby parts and the taking of innocent life!

Here’s what our president has to say about Planned Parenthood:

Planned Parenthood is not going anywhere, As long as we have to fight to make sure women have access to quality affordable healthcare, and as long as we have to fight to protect a women’s right to make her own choices about her own health, I want you to know that you have a president that is right there with you fighting every step of the way. Thank you planned parenthood, God bless you“…..Huh…..what about the baby’s rights? Does that baby’s right entail being torn apart limb by limb for profit Mr Obama?

Oh and NO NO NO……God DOES NOT BLESS Planned Parenthood. There is no blessing from God on Planned Parenthood…..Mr. Obama….DO NOT use my God’s name in vain like that!

You know what’s amazing to me…is  those liberals out there I know and how they’ll freely speak out against Oil Spills, Dolphins Dying, Endangered Eggs not being protected, Climate change, Fracking, Puppy Mill dogs, Fur…..but not a peep about aborted babies being sold for profit…..silence……

That silence is the sound of Evil.

One thought on “God DOES NOT Bless #PlannedParenthood

  1. You have to be a special kind of evil to chomp down your lunch or dinner and talk about the selling of baby body parts at the same time. You’re right, God does not bless Planned Parenthood, He does not bless the killing of unborn babies. He abhors it and I hate to contemplate what will befall us as a nation for allowing it to happen.

    I’m at the stage of my life where my kids are having kids, and today’s sonograms are so much more detailed then the ones I had years ago. Today you can see the baby’s face. You can see his eyes, his nose, his mouth, his little hands. You can see him sucking his thumb. How can anyone look at that and not see a life? It happens when selfishness overrides reason.

    I’ve had four kids and I can tell you with 100% certainty that once you become pregnant, your body is no longer yours alone, you share it until that baby is born.

    The selective outrage is so absurd that it’s funny on a certain level. We’ll cause a water shortage in an effort to save some frog but not lift a finger to save an unborn baby.


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