Why I am Conservative

All too often I get asked “Why are you a Conservative?” I think it is essential for Conservatives to be able to answer this question in an understandable way. In short, I am a Conservative because Conservatism goes to the root of the problem, instead of trying to patch up the problem. If you patch up a problem, it’ll keep happening. I want to solve the problems.

For the sake of time, I condensed my numerous reasons on why I am Conservative into my top five.

  1. I think the Government is efficient and effective at running very little.  The primary role of Government is to Defend Americans, to Promote General Welfare (not provide) and to secure the blessings of liberty. The government today has become grossly enlarged and what they try to fix they end up ruining. How can we expected a bunch of bureaucrats, career politicians, and political insiders to have any clue how to solve the problems they create? The Government doesn’t create jobs, the government provides employment funded by the tax payer. A couple of my siblings are employees of the Federal Government and who in their right mind would bite the hand that feeds them? Very few! A sweet pension in the future, and a job that is 9-5 with little over time….sign me up! In reality though, this set up is provided by money we don’t have. We are deeply in debt as a country.

Also, what government ran agencies are solving the problems we face right now?

The Department of Veteran Affairs?  Many Veterans are not getting the care they need and their needs should be top priority! The Department of Education? Since the Department of Education formed, The U.S. has dropped dramatically in test score and where we rank internationally. The government declared a war on poverty back in 1964….how is that working for us? We have over 45 million Americans living in poverty!

2. I am also Conservative because I am Pro-Life. Life in the womb IS LIFE, because SCIENCE SAYS IT’S LIFE. According the the 14th Amendment government has no right to take life! Roe vs. Wade is actually unconstitutional and should be overturned.

I also support pro life Conservative legislatures. If I wasn’t PRO-LIFE, it wouldn’t matter who I vote for. For example -Obama, while he was in the Senate, voted to not save a baby that survives an abortion. I support legislatures that take steps to END abortion not advance it! These legislatures are my VOICE. My voice is my vote in who I vote for.

3. I believe that the 2nd Amendment is not a gift from our government. The Second Amendment is my right as an American Citizen. It is my choice to choose how I defend myself.

4. I believe in Fiscal Conservatism. We are 20 trillion in debt, yet we keep spending money we DON’T HAVE! This is asinine! We literally have billions of dollars being wasted each year. For example- millions were spent studying the drinking habits of fraternities, and tax payer dollars were also spent studying hamsters on steroids…yes, this happened last year! Stop the WASTE, Stop the SPENDING! It is totally and completely irresponsible to continue this spending and pass this debt onto our children!

5. Less Regulation and Less Taxes! Overbearing Regulation in short, shuts down businesses. Rules and restrictions stifle the entrepreneur and the dreamers! Bureaucrats that really have no idea how business works are putting restrictions on business….and causing many to not even try….this results in less jobs-FYI: jobs are good! Taxing the hell out of the job providers eliminates jobs! Business form with the intention of profit, if there is no profit…..why have a business? No business, no jobs.

Below is a video I made that explains this in under 3 minutes, simply put- Conservatism is Common Sense 🙂

Conservative Momma asks, “why Trump?

Hey guys, this next clip comes from Beth. She has been following this blog forever and regularly contributes her political expertise, which I am always so thankful for!  To say she is “informed” is an understatement, she knows her stuff! Beth is a wife, momma and Grandmother of 9! Beth provides reason after reason of “Why Trump” on her own YouTube channel and has shared the site with me, check it out!

Send me your clip, under 2 min and I’ll edit and add music: ConservativeMomma@yahoo.com

Conservative Momma asks, “Why Trump?”

I’ll keep sharing these as they come! Can I just say, how awesome it is to have people sending me their clips of why they support Donald Trump this November! These videos are destroying the media’s perception of those who support Trump!

The clip from Becca and Madison. Recent college graduates, who recognize Trump is the only contender who has the know how to Make America Great Again!


Send me your clips! ConservativeMomma@yahoo.com


If you care about preserving Conservatism, you’ll vote for Trump.

I want to get this one thing clear right here, right now: There is NO holding your breath and voting for Trump. Trump IS the right choice for America RIGHT NOW.

After watching Ted Cruz give an absolutely eloquent speech last night about freedom and then telling everyone to “vote their conscience” which is code (or not even code, it’s obvious) for “Never Trump,” I am now certain more than ever Trump is the man for the job. This pious “Never Trump” movement reminds me of the Pharisees and Sadducees in the Bible and Jesus could not stand it, and neither can I! I am getting endless lists of reasons on why these Never Trump’ers are going to “write in” Cruz, or not even vote because of what a “horrible monster” Trump is. I am sure Jesus got a list of reasons why he shouldn’t hang out with the tax collectors, or speak to the woman at the well too. This high minded mentality is destructive and not life-giving at all.

I could get into a theological debate, but instead- I am going to tell you why Trump IS the man for the job and it comes down to ONE issue.

Securing our borders.

So your big issue is Trump is not Pro-life enough, He’s not pro 2nd Amendment enough, he’s too brash, he is this….he is that….he is Not Conservative, he’s a secret Socialist, he’s a narcissist, he’s not a Christian, he won’t support the Constitution…..etc etc etc…..folks, I have heard it all….seriously….I don’t think anyone could tell me something about Trump that I have not already heard. While Republicans and Conservatives are nitpicking over Trumps numerous fallacies our borders remain wide open.

Trump was the first candidate to aggressively confront our horrible illegal immigration catastrophe. He was the first to bet his whole candidacy on doing something about it! Over 300, 000 illegal immigrants come across our borders each year. The majority of these individuals become dependent on our welfare system and enslaved to it. With Hillary as President the nomination of liberal Supreme Court Justices becomes a reality and it’s open borders and Amnesty for all! Those dependent on the government vote Democrat-simple as that. So while Cruz is fantasizing about a 2020 run, four years from now, Conservatives and Republicans will be outnumbered. So much of the American population will be on the government dole that there’s no way a Conservative would EVER be elected into the Oval Office ever again. Every Conservative value you hold dear-gone. There won’t be a fight because our voice will be so drowned out by the majority. You think it’s bad now…you ain’t seen nothing yet! America will be looking like Europe before you will even be able to say ‘Europe,’ Liberal ideology is spellbinding and moves maliciously fast.

If our borders are not secure nothing else matters, it won’t matter. First we must secure our borders. I believe Donald Trump can get this done. Congress has to be moved to secure the border, being one of the top negotiators in our country, I believe Trump holds the skills to get this accomplished.  From here….we begin to take back Conservative ground. I am a Conservative. I hold conservative principles close to my heart. I believe in them, and more importantly I believe they work, I know they do. It is because I am principled in preserving and protecting these values, I am voting for Donald Trump.

How can I say that?!! Cruz believes the opposite and he is “so” principled….nahhh I think when someone opts to break their word and stand in front of millions and declare “Never Trump” to ensure a Hillary victory so that there is a chance at furthering their own political career….”principled” is no more……this is known as selfishness.

I am an American. My loyalty to my country comes before any personal ambition of my own and because of this I will support Trump. It is because I am a Conservative I will vote for Trump. It is because all of my individual liberties matter that I will vote for Trump. This is our last stand as Conservatives. It is our last hope.

If the borders are not secure….we lose it all.



To the Never Trumpers…please inform your conscience it’s a Liberal.

To the Never Trumpers “Vote your conscience” crowd……get over yourselves.

You didn’t like the results of the Primary elections held across America so you are now throwing a tantrum. A tantrum that could quite possibly result in

1) A Hillary Presidency and

2) 3-5 Liberal Supreme Court Judges being appointed.

These two things directly affect me, but more than that-they affect my children. Your spoiled brat mentality is now impeding on my children’s future & this momma ain’t having it!

So….you are a Never Trumper, well I am a Never Hillary, did you get that NEVER HILLARY –ever!

Your ‘vote your conscience bull-crap’ is just that….A LOAD of bull crap.

You throwing in a third candidate at the convention is a declaration of a Hillary Presidency.

You are so upset that your candidate didn’t get the delegates needed to clinch the nomination that you’d rather have Hillary than Trump….and that is straight up disgraceful and selfish!

You see….I know what a Hillary Presidency looks like, it’s not just a display of endless pantsuits and a trail of dead bodies following her career, no it is an exact replica of the last 8yrs……

It looks like 50 million & counting Americans living in poverty.

It looks like more & more jobs shipped overseas.

It looks like an even higher corporate tax rate.

It looks like a continued elimination of the middle class.

It looks like the media continuing to report of job increases- when in fact they neglect to count the millions of Americans who have stopped looking for work.

It looks like less sovereignty over all our trade negotiations.

It looks like us continuing to have our asses handed to us by terrorists.

It looks like the vast majority of Americans receiving government assistance.

It looks like more illegal immigration.

It looks like the continued implementation of taking from the ‘haves’ to give to the ‘I’d rather sit on my couch & play video games than get a job’ “have-nots.”

It looks like less religious liberty and more censorship.

It looks like more government intrusion on our 1st, 2nd, 4th,  and 10th,  Amendment Rights.

It looks like more apologizing for being the land of the free and the home of the brave.

It looks like blaming law abiding gun owners and not the mental nut-jobs.

It looks like more tip-toeing around the fact that Radical Islam exists & they want us dead!
It looks like:

Water Gate




Fast and Furious

Solyndra etc etc etc……..

It looks like the IRS specifically targeting conservatives.

It looks like me like more Black Lives Matter and less All Lives Matter.

It looks like Obamacare.

It looks like Sanctuary Cities.

It looks like the total mismanagement of the VA.

It looks like a whole lot more pleading the 5th on accountability.

It looks like Executive overreach on steroids.

It looks like 3-5 liberal Supreme Court judges being appointed.

It looks like Bill Clinton back in the White House.

It looks like taking money from countries that treat women like animals and execute gays for being gay.

It looks like “Russian Re-set.”

It looks like erased emails….a helluva lot of important erased emails.

It looks like someone who hasn’t driven a car in 25 years saying they know what the average Americans needs are.

It looks like permanent career politicians making decisions they have no business making.

It looks like a bunch of hashtags trying to stop terrorism.

It looks like Bill Clinton, who vacations with convicted pedophile Jeffery Epestein, living again in the White House (This one needed to be repeated, I mean seriously….this should be reason enough people).

So while you fantasize about a third candidate jumping in at the convention, getting the nomination & then winning the General election-Reality is placing Hillary behind the desk in the Oval Office.

Is your conscience cool with this?

If so please remove yourself from the Republican Party….and climb on the Hillary Train….

….oh wait…you’re already on it.

P.S. Inform your conscience it’s a Liberal.