Why are you doing this?

Why are you doing this?
Great question….I can’t afford not to.
Life is short. I believe that if you feel passionate about something, you must pursue it.
We all hopefully have moments in our lives where we feel an internal urge and drive, some it’s our jobs, most it’s a hobby or a cause…
Outside of my family and faith little has sparked my attention in the past several years, until my dad ran for United States congress 2 years ago.

I was a brand new mother during most of the campaign…I was soooo exhausted,  and dealing with a complex array of emotions. 
But what I witnessed was tragedy. 
My hero, losing a battle. 
A battle that should have been won. 

It wasn’t just a ‘loss’, it was a loss against the machine, a loss against the fight for term limits, a fight against career politicians, a fight against the men and women that have caused our national debt to sky-rocket, a fight against the super pacs, the big money corporations that control the whole system, a fight against the ‘good ole boys, ‘ a fight against those that have sat quietly- while the liberal agenda has progressed, it was a David verses Goliath kinda fight-but the giant won…

After processing the loss…. I knew I had to do something…
So I started to write- that’s where Conservative Momma was birthed. 

Me, a stay at home mom could do something… I could speak up, I could use the tools given me-my voice, my freedom of speech and my laptop. 

Of course what I am doing is controversial and much of it is falling on deaf ears…but every great cause comes with great adversity. Having a background in acting has prepared me for   rejection…so no worries there 🙂 

If I can impact one person, encouraging them to use the voice that they have been given, to see that our country was founded by those wanting to free us from an  overreaching tyrannical government and to not stay silent, ….. then I have accomplished what I have set out to do.     

The fate of this country that I love with all my heart is at hand, I must do something, I have to.

Battles are won and lost…but I believe we can win the war…

I was taught by my father, if you get knocked down- you get back up…

I must be and I am ….ready for round two…. 

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