If we don’t listen….we’re doomed.

So many thoughts have been running through my mind since mid term elections occurred almost a week ago. I attended our county’s executive committee meeting this past Saturday-many victorious winners were there, high-fives were given, congratulatory praises were sung and even those who came up short had grins on their faces-because “we” won….for the most part.
I spoke with my mother the day of the election….and I was concerned. Why….because I knew that a Republican “win” was not a win for Republicans, it was a vote against our rogue president. The Republican party did not run on it’s platform….because I believe it’s platform has become convoluted and skewed…almost at times hard to decipher from that of the Democrats agenda. This is not a knock against the Republican candidates that unseated so many democrat incumbents, I couldn’t be more proud but WHY they won is up for debate.
After all the hoopla simmered down, the meeting took a different turn than expected. Many in the room who held elected positions expressed their concern for the Libertarian candidates that stole votes. “Don’t they know that voting for a Libertarian is throwing their vote away” I heard many argue! “We wouldn’t have lost State House seats, if it weren’t for the Libertarians” many voiced! The cheer in the room turned to contempt with many looming questions.
I didn’t have questions….I knew why….and I know that the Libertarian movement is only going to grow as our President acts more and more like a King.
Will Libertarians become the new dominating right of center party? No. Could they push for a much greater divide among Conservatives, yes-without a doubt.
I believe in the next two years we are going to witness Executive overreach by our president like nothing before. Shoot, when you have nothing to lose….go all in, right?
Obama has already waved his Executive pen wildly in the face of the American people and he is set to do it again. An additional 1500 troops are being sent to Iraqand Syriato assist against the Islamic State. He is doing this all without congressional approval…which technically makes it illegal. Obama is soon set to declare amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants without congressional approval- not adhering to the voice of the American people-because congress IS our voice.
But here’s the deal….Obama is not the first to push his executive orders on the American people, this has been going on since the beginning of the presidency. I do believe that Obama’s executive orders (those pending and those in play) will have a greater impact on the daily lives of the American people-with much more at stake, which in turn will cause greater division among the American people.
This division is going to have millions throwing their hands in the air, angry that their voice is not being heard! I believe that the actions that our president will take, could quite possibly cause for a revolt.
Why do people vote Libertarian, because they hate what they see in BOTH parties.  What is the Libertarian’s cry? It is a plea for less government intrusion, less government overreach, and definitely LESS EXECUTIVE orders.
If Republicans really want that Libertarian vote….than you have to realize changes must be made. The Establishment must bend its knee to the cry of the people. The emphasis of our Party must be LESS government overreach, IF we want that Libertarian vote.
We have to make our Conservative cause so clear and separate from that of the Democratic Party. There has to be less picking and choosing of when we want Government up in our business and when we don’t.
The two years ahead to 2016, is an uphill battle….but it’s in battle that leaders emerge and it’s in times of uncertainty that innovation is birthed.

My prayer is that we take this opportunity to display our strengths as party and not our likenesses to our opposition.

"Those" Social Issues can Suck it for right now!

“Those” Social Issues can suck it for right now!
Well….I don’t know about you all but I just looked outside my window to the world and it’s crazy as hell out there! Yeah….insanity….I got a text from one of my younger sisters telling me to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse! I of course laughed…but deep down those words resonated with me.
I don’t need to list off all the crazy nutso things going on in the world….the majority of the readers of this blog are educated people, so perhaps…you are also feeling a “little” or “a lot” fed up!
How did this all happen so fast….how did we get here? I sadly know how we got here and I know whywe are here.
In reality this complete chaos we are witnessing should be of no surprise to anyone because everyone (or the vast majority)…voted for it.
It was back in early 2008, I got in a huge fight with a young friend of mine when living in California. She was a highly educated, beautiful black, Christian woman and a strong supporter of Obama. Now I was truly the odd guy out, when living in Los Angeles…the minute it was known I was a Republican….I was attacked at all sides….but I have thick skin and I am one of seven kids….so I know how to stand my ground.
Her and I faced off and it was ugly….and we have sadly never spoken since. She believed Obama was our deliverer, even when I challenged her on abortion and how that played into her faith….she stood strongly by her candidate. She was not the only one obviously….Obama swept the nation with his swagger and celebrity type charm. His ability to speak was captivating….the mass majority hanging on his every word and believing those words held truth.
I have never been one to follow the crowd….ask anyone who knew me when I was in high school….I never once did anything because everyone else did, it’s not in my nature. Something just didn’t sit right with me when I heard Obama speak….I was uneasy and wary. Trust me I was NO fan of the McCain/Palin ticket though, I was angry that’s all the Republican Party could come up with…I mean seriously…seriously!??
How did we get here? Well we got played for fools. We didn’t research to find out what Obama stood for, we didn’t look into who he admired and studied under (Saul Alinsky) we didn’t pry, we didn’t question record, and we didn’t put him up against a real contender.
But our biggest fail as a party is we have allowed Specific “Social Issues” picked by the other side, the ability to completely control the last two presidential elections!
Ya…I get they are important, but the last time I took a look around, there are a heck of a lot more pressing issues that need to be addressed asap! Like what you ask??….well I don’t know, let’s say for starters -the prevention of any more Americans having their heads chopped off, or the fact that 92 million Americans are out of work and no longer even looking for jobs (so those new job reports are total bogus fyi), or that our borders are totally insecure allowing terrorism and diseases to freely pass into our country harming Americans, or that we are being spied on without probable cause (a violation of our 4th Amendment right), or that Common Core education is strongly not desired by either side, but somehow we all gotta accept it, or that we are rapidly dropping worldwide in ranking in education altogether, or that 35.4% of Americans are on welfare, or that we are seriously failing our Veterans when it comes to caring for their health, after they have put their lives on the line for us, or that poverty is at an all time high (does that seriously not infuriate you!)….but no ….we allow the other side the ability to manipulate targeted Social Issues as our deciding factors when it comes down to election day and this….this…is our Epic Fail.

So while the Left focuses on sex changes for veterans (because to them, that’s all that’s important in the world right now), can we as a party focus on the NOW and all it’s insanity, can we be clear on policies and not let social issues control the BIG PICTURE!!!??? It’s time to play some offense! Is that too much to ask…is it?

Reflecting on Primaries

I read an article by the Daily Caller the other day in which Tea Party backed Chris McDaniel said that many conservatives don’t feel welcome in the Republican Party and I soooo relate. 

In my frustration with the Primary Election results on Tuesday night.  I took to social media. I made some comments on a few pages and the response I got was insane! Because I was not supportive of the candidates who won-I was immediately called a ‘closeted leftie’, RINO (Republican in name only) a crazy leftist. I was even told I had my head up my ass-no joke. Now I am a grown woman, I chose to comment and share my thoughts so I can handle the repercussions. 

Once I think that we are starting to get some movement some traction as a party…we come to a halt and I don’t even feel comfortable using the term ‘we’ because ‘we’ stands for unity and I see such division. 

Yes, together in November we will unite but I am telling you-we gotta figure this out now-before it’s too late. The amount of mudslinging and bickering that is taking place is insane. 

The primary reason I was ‘attacked’ was because I disagree with our decision as a party to back many who are part of the Establishment. 

The Establishment-permanent political class (old school Republicans) and Democrats are why we are where we are at as a country. 

Massive Government overreach-the Bush’s implemented this too, BIG government, lot’s of spending….

The last President who inherited a mess and fixed it was Reagan. If I am going to classify myself at this point-I am a Reagan Conservative.  

No president is perfect but the more I learn about him the more I respect and believe in his principles. One of Reagan’s primary goals was to reduce the growth of government spending, he reduced many taxes with the goal of reducing inflation. He was pro-life, there was an attempted assassination on him and yet he remained strongly Pro Gun, he was a Capitalist-a believer in the free market, and believed in giving power back to the states.  

We have drifted from this as a party. Reagan’s simplistic policies with no hidden agendas are no more. What remains is so convoluted and complex. The original intent -‘We the people’ has become-we the super-pacs, the lobbyists, the big corporations. 

I often feel lost in our party because of this. 

When trying to clarify my talking points on the social media fiasco the other night -there was no room for discussion. It resulted in name calling. 

If we are to continue on the path we are on, I question the Republican Party’s survival. There are changes that must be made in the party or it will die.  

What did I and do I suggest: 

We have to go after the young vote! How? They don’t want the government in their business more than anybody! We have to emphasize that the heart of the Conservative movement is getting the government out of our personal business! 

We have to get women to really understand that women’s issues go far beyond birthcontrol and who’s paying for it! 

We have to widen the tent stakes and include minorities and encourage them to lead! The democrats expect them to be an automatic vote-well let’s take that vote-Recruit! 

We all have moments when we are discouraged but I honestly do believe there is a hope. I believe that changes can be made but we have to be willing to listen to each other. We have to be willing to recognize that we as a party must make these changes if we want to win in General Elections…. 

Why are you doing this?

Why are you doing this?
Great question….I can’t afford not to.
Life is short. I believe that if you feel passionate about something, you must pursue it.
We all hopefully have moments in our lives where we feel an internal urge and drive, some it’s our jobs, most it’s a hobby or a cause…
Outside of my family and faith little has sparked my attention in the past several years, until my dad ran for United States congress 2 years ago.

I was a brand new mother during most of the campaign…I was soooo exhausted,  and dealing with a complex array of emotions. 
But what I witnessed was tragedy. 
My hero, losing a battle. 
A battle that should have been won. 

It wasn’t just a ‘loss’, it was a loss against the machine, a loss against the fight for term limits, a fight against career politicians, a fight against the men and women that have caused our national debt to sky-rocket, a fight against the super pacs, the big money corporations that control the whole system, a fight against the ‘good ole boys, ‘ a fight against those that have sat quietly- while the liberal agenda has progressed, it was a David verses Goliath kinda fight-but the giant won…

After processing the loss…. I knew I had to do something…
So I started to write- that’s where Conservative Momma was birthed. 

Me, a stay at home mom could do something… I could speak up, I could use the tools given me-my voice, my freedom of speech and my laptop. 

Of course what I am doing is controversial and much of it is falling on deaf ears…but every great cause comes with great adversity. Having a background in acting has prepared me for   rejection…so no worries there 🙂 

If I can impact one person, encouraging them to use the voice that they have been given, to see that our country was founded by those wanting to free us from an  overreaching tyrannical government and to not stay silent, ….. then I have accomplished what I have set out to do.     

The fate of this country that I love with all my heart is at hand, I must do something, I have to.

Battles are won and lost…but I believe we can win the war…

I was taught by my father, if you get knocked down- you get back up…

I must be and I am ….ready for round two….