A Feminist

I saw this video about a week and a half ago and I haven’t had the chance to respond till now. (link below)
The video takes place at a ‘pro-woman’ conference, these women are freely talking to the reporter, until they find out she is from a Conservative outlet. After they learn that she is a conservative- the women go to total shut down mode.
How amusing I thought to myself when I watched this-these ‘free-thinkers’ don’t look so free when they can no longer speak freely…

You see, I am a woman, I am a feminist, and I am a Conservative.

The intention of the feminist movement was to demand for equality between men and women-and I stand by that principle and I will encourage my daughter to do the same.

There is no bra burning needed and I don’t need the federal government providing me birth-control, I can handle that on my own- thank you very much.

What amazes me is the proclamation for independence by these women but they insist on being shackled to a parental government.

I also believe in the freedom to Choose as a Conservative woman. That is that every life, no matter how small should be allowed the CHOICE of LIFE.
We make choices every day. Choices that have consequences. I believe that no life should be snuffed out because of someone else’s poor choice.

These women-these so called Feminist-brand themselves as free thinkers-to me- they appear to be tranquilized by group think.

I refuse to limit my mind by one ideology- i.e. my body my choice.   

To succumb to such an overly simplistic principle is limiting to every woman.

I am a woman that thinks beyond her emotional self.

Am I not to care about the economy?
Am I not to care about the increase in poverty?
Am I not to care about our failed education system?

Am I not to care about the total and complete governmental overreach we are seeing i.e.- NSA?
Am I not to care about our enormous national debt?
Am I not to care about being lied to by our president in regards to the Affordable Care Act?
Am I not to care about an IRS that has admitted to targeting Conservative Groups?
Am I not to care about the future America my kids are growing up in?

I will not and cannot be packaged into a box stamped “reproductive rights,”  I am more than that.

I am an American, I am free thinker, I am a patriot, I am a mother, I am a wife, I am liberated and I will not be silenced.

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