Random array of thoughts…


My little baby girl is 8months old today. I honestly don’t know where the time has gone-she is all baby-chunky thighs, big blue eyes and a bald head-kissable from head to toe!
After nursing her before laying her down to sleep last night, she reached for my face as she so often does, grabbing at my nose, clawing at my eyes in total curiosity all the while blowing bubbles with her new found lips and tongue.
I thought to myself….so much is ahead of this little girl…so much life to be lived.
She grabs my face with both hands and smiles as if she knows my thoughts.
If only she knew….
But no- I want her to be a baby, a toddler, a child as long as possible.
I want her to delight in every moment….without a care in the world.
So many thoughts, inside my head….
I know now why Jesus spoke of a desire for us to be childlike. To trust in him like my children undoubtedly trust in me.
My children don’t worry. They never question where their next meal is coming from, or where they’ll sleep that night. When my two year old falls or gets an ‘owie’ I am there. When my children are sick…I am there to ease the pains.

That’s what God desires from me. To just trust that he will be there, like a child.  Adulthood forces logic on the mind, and with that doubts. But God is beyond logic…He is not limited by logic…He surpasses it. He doesn’t want me to solve the issues, he wants me to trust that He will move on my behalf. He wants me to cast my cares, concerns, worries, doubts onto Him-not because I can’t handle it (though often I feel like I can’t) but because God CAN handle it.
I have found that life is full of opportunities to deepen our spiritual journey. Many choose to stay on the surface-but I want to know more.

I want truth beyond logic.

I was promised if I seek, I will find….


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