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I am a grown A#$ Woman…I don’t need you!

I am a grown A#$ Woman…I don’t need you!
I just gotta take a second to rant…so…if you don’t want to hear it stop reading. I won’t be offended….cause you know what-I am a grown woman that can CHOOSE to be offended and I can Choose NOT to be offended. Mmmmmkay 😉

So…..You want to talk women’s issues -let’s talk women’s issues!

This whole #Hobby Lobby, Supreme Court Ruling has got a lot of Liberals freaking the hell out….and most think that women’s rights are being infringed on….so let’s talk about it shall we….. 😉

The ruling by the Supreme Court backed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which was signed by the good ole Democrat Bill Clinton back in the 1990’s-whoch I totally agree with! The act is simply aimed at preventing laws that substantially burden a person’s free exercise of their religion. Hobby Lobby a family business-yes for profit (this is where the dems flip a lid) simply exercised that right. Their Freedom of Religion Right. Hobby Lobby still provides 16 out of the 20 contraceptives that are available to women. They just don’t want to provide the 4 contraceptives that could end a LIFE. This infringed on THEIR religious beliefs.
I think it’s asinine that Liberals think that Businesses aren’t allowed rights. Businesses are required to meet everyone else’s demanding rights, but aren’t entitled to their own???

Now let’s talk women shall we. Ughhh  ‘basic healthcare for women denied’ -NOT TRUE! Stop saying this phrase – it’s a LIE a straight up lie! If you have to lie to win an argument, than your argument has no validity! The contraceptives that end a life in progress are not just your good ole ‘basic healthcare!’ So stop acting like every woman goes around popping these pills daily to stay healthy! It’s NOT like getting a physical, mammogram or a pap smear for God’s sake! 

Women are FREE to make their own choices. You as a woman want to take particular contraceptives but your employer doesn’t provide them- not a hard problem to fix really….make the grown ass decision to buy them yourself or go work someplace else! You CAN CHOOSE!

Also is the government your mom and dad???  Do you just open your hand and say ‘give it to me’ when you want something? My kids do that! They are 10mo and 2yrs old- they are infants! Are you an infant?
So … aren’t grown and you want somebody else to have to violate their religious and moral beliefs because you are still playing the ‘baby’ (which I am finding you all aren’t a fan of) card?

What amazes me, is woman proclaim and shout for equality, they want independence-but aren’t willing to accept those responsibilities! You want to sleep around-go ahead!
You want to have unprotected sex- go ahead! But don’t ask me or other people to pay for your choices!
They are YOUR choices-OWN THEM!

Grow up!

Done ranting…at least for the moment……


A Feminist

I saw this video about a week and a half ago and I haven’t had the chance to respond till now. (link below)
The video takes place at a ‘pro-woman’ conference, these women are freely talking to the reporter, until they find out she is from a Conservative outlet. After they learn that she is a conservative- the women go to total shut down mode.
How amusing I thought to myself when I watched this-these ‘free-thinkers’ don’t look so free when they can no longer speak freely…

You see, I am a woman, I am a feminist, and I am a Conservative.

The intention of the feminist movement was to demand for equality between men and women-and I stand by that principle and I will encourage my daughter to do the same.

There is no bra burning needed and I don’t need the federal government providing me birth-control, I can handle that on my own- thank you very much.

What amazes me is the proclamation for independence by these women but they insist on being shackled to a parental government.

I also believe in the freedom to Choose as a Conservative woman. That is that every life, no matter how small should be allowed the CHOICE of LIFE.
We make choices every day. Choices that have consequences. I believe that no life should be snuffed out because of someone else’s poor choice.

These women-these so called Feminist-brand themselves as free thinkers-to me- they appear to be tranquilized by group think.

I refuse to limit my mind by one ideology- i.e. my body my choice.   

To succumb to such an overly simplistic principle is limiting to every woman.

I am a woman that thinks beyond her emotional self.

Am I not to care about the economy?
Am I not to care about the increase in poverty?
Am I not to care about our failed education system?

Am I not to care about the total and complete governmental overreach we are seeing i.e.- NSA?
Am I not to care about our enormous national debt?
Am I not to care about being lied to by our president in regards to the Affordable Care Act?
Am I not to care about an IRS that has admitted to targeting Conservative Groups?
Am I not to care about the future America my kids are growing up in?

I will not and cannot be packaged into a box stamped “reproductive rights,”  I am more than that.

I am an American, I am free thinker, I am a patriot, I am a mother, I am a wife, I am liberated and I will not be silenced.