Not cool…just not cool…

Ahhh our politicians….so classy!
So if you haven’t heard- married for 16years Republican Representative Scott McAllister was caught on tape kissing a female staffer. The tape doesn’t lie. Now, I get people screw up…I do. I do not demand perfection-I have yet to meet a perfect person (though my husband would disagree).
This of course is hardest on the spouse and children and I can only imagine the pain and heartbreak they are experiencing.
McAllister, from Louisiana, was elected to replace Rep. Rodney Alexander in a special election last November. Throughout his campaign McAllister touted his love for his family. Yesterday, he released a statement asking for ‘forgiveness.’
Now, I believe in defending your party, I believe in standing up for your political beliefs, and I have listened to various news sources that are now defending Representative Scott McAllister.
I will not do this.
Regardless of party, this is wrong. I have no responsibility to defend someone who is being unfaithful to their spouse and children. Yes, I do believe that God forgives -we have all fallen short- but I do not believe in blindly supporting something because of Party.
I think this blind enabling is what has DC so screwed up. These politicians think they are gods with no consequences. They are supported by their parties and answer to no one! The belief that they are untouchable because they are backed by power-the power of an Almighty and All powerful party.
I am irritated by McAllister’s asinine judgments…..but I am more annoyed by those who are now  bringing up a similar case in the opposing democratic party -Bill Clinton. Yes…Clinton was a moron. He disrespected his family and in the Oval Office no less…gross right…seriously…
What is not cool is that we aren’t holding ourselves to a higher level. Instead of pointing the finger… let’s just admit what McAllister did was complete foolishness and the use of very poor judgment! Yes, the left mainstream media shouts about any story of a fallen republican but that doesn’t mean we defend injustice or start wildly pointing our fingers in panic.
Recognize the wrong. admit the wrong, apologize…no excuses.

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