I do not blog to make friends, or gain popularity in any sense….I stopped trying for the ‘high friend count’ years ago….
I simply write to express what is going on internally and what is pressing on my heart and mind.

I am clearly aware that what I often say causes controversy…ruffles feathers and possibly loses a fan base-although recently I have picked up readers in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, Indonesia and Brazil….(a shout out to you all by the way and thank you for reading:))

This blog mainly (but not all the time ) discusses Politics and my honest and deep heart felt concern for this country. I understand that many disagree, and to be honest….that doesn’t bother me a bit, but only If you have thought out concise reasoning on why you don’t agree.

I was raised in a family where, politics and religion were forever revolving topics….and YES it did and does call for arguments and endless debating. You throw wine in the mix and you’ve got one helluva party! I wouldn’t trade it for the world though.

You see, I believe in running to instead of from the ‘uncomfortable.’ If we simply avoid all topics that cause controversy, we are not being real or honest with one another and in the end, never truly Know each-other. If we never really reveal our stances because we may lose relationships than those relationships had no depth in the first place. Life is short and the older I get the more I realize how fulfilling it is to be honest, to be real and to stand for something worth fighting for.
If that makes me unpopular…so be it.

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