Save the Party, not the People

Like many Americans, the discussion of Obama Care just can’t be avoided…to say it’s a “
cluster $*!*&” would be playing too nice.
This topic IS important and it really IS affecting EVERYONE and if you have yet to be effected in some way….just hold on and wait…your turn will come!
Today the President, who I guess became King recently and no longer has to go through Congress to pass a bill, basically said “ooops we messed up and we’re gonna cover it up for another year.”

Why a year? Well that’s right after 2014 mid-term elections. You see…the Senate is predominately Democratic…if  this cluster *&%$ continues…no one in their right mind would re-elect the people that caused this whole catastrophe to happen….
So shhhhhhh (they assume we are idiots, they really do) …..let’s just wait until after the elections for the whole thing to implode, is their solution. It’s about saving the Party, not the People

And it will implode…ultimately private insurers will not be able to provide coverage the way they have so this will FORCE everyone into socialized medicine-“Obama Care.”

“Force” hmmm that sounds a lot like “Freedom” doesn’t it…………(sarcasm lot’s and lot’s of sarcasm)

Why is this BAD….because it is beginning of the downfall of this great country. The government controlling health care…is the beginning of them controlling you. Soon they will control what you eat and drink and how much, they already control what you watch (media is owned), they will begin to infiltrate every aspect of your life until they have stripped you of your freedom -because they are “taking care of you” …leaving you no longer free but completely dependent.

This country was founded because we were trying to escape the tyranny of government control in England…..

Everything this country was founded upon, every soldier that fought, bled and died for to protect….will be gone.

If we don’t wake up and realize what’s happening and start to speak up about it, it will be too late…

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