Leading with a Filibuster

On Wednesday March 6th I watched a man stand up for the American people. I watched a man without political agenda, I watched a man do what was right with little or no support from either Republicans or Democrats.

Rand Paul took the Senate floor at 11:47am eastern time in protest of Obama’s nomination of John Brennan as the director of the CIA. Paul vowed to keep talking until the White House made clear whether the president had the right to use a drone to kill a UScitizen on USsoil without a conviction or a trial. Paul argued that a response from the president saying he doesn’t “intend to” or he hasn’t “yet” set off red flags to Paul. This is completely unconstitutional and clarification was in order! “Innocent until proven guilty” (whether one agrees or not) is the fundamental make-up of what our Constitutional right guarantees us. To tamper with this using unyielding power -is a form of monarchy and teeters on dictatorship.

Rand Paul demanded answers and after 13 exhausting hours of talking endlessly the filibuster ended.

On March 7th Attorney General Eric Holder replied by saying: “‘Does the President have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on American soil?’ The answer to that question is no.”

The answer of course is still unclear with many loopholes….

Many think that Rand Paul’s filibuster was a huge rant-with little accomplished. Today Donald Trump came out and said “I happen to feel that the filibuster did nothing,” Trump added “They got nothing out of it. There was really nothing gained by it. It was just a protest, and we need more than protests.”

I disagree with Trump. Protests are often the spark that ignites a change. What we as American citizens witnessed last Wednesday was a leader. A leader without some secret hidden motive, a leader without the backing of multiple lobbyists, a leader wanting answers that the American people ARE entitled to. Rand Paul took a stand for what was right. Now the media and several other news sources can call this whatever they want to….but I watched, and I saw a man that was defending the Constitution of the United States just like our forefathers did so many years ago.
If we do not defend the Constitution, that made this great nation what it is today, we will cease to exist…..

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