Just a mom

I met up with a girlfriend of mine yesterday who has two kids-a 3 year old little girl and a little boy about the same age as my son Bode. It was so great to just hear her talk about being a “mom”….

A “Mom”….What does that even mean? Surely it’s more than carrying a child for 9months, or giving birth….for after birth is really where the assignment begins….

I have heard many women say…”I am not ‘just’ a mom.” As if being “just a mom,” is some sort of negative stereotype.

Society has pressured us into filling our lives with so many things that we disregard the incredible overwhelming monumental task of raising another life.

We have been told that being “just a mom” can’t really fulfill you. Being “just a mom,” can’t really bring you happiness. We have been told that the mundane tasks of cleaning, cooking, laundry, baths and so forth are meaningless when in fact these trivial “chores” provide a simple sense of security to a child…..

Though my son Bode is not aware of the numerous responsibilities I set out to accomplish in a day he will be aware someday….because I now know the incredible sacrifice my mom made to being “just a mom” and with every fiber of my being…I am thankful.   

The ability to make a house a home and a safe haven for your children is not something that should be snubbed but instead rejoiced over.  

Being “just a mom” is giving yourself and all that you have to a life that will outlive you.

Being “just a mom” in its purest form is unconditional love.

Being “just a mom” is not abandoning your needs but embracing the needs of those you love most.

Being “just a mom” is sacrificing the now so that your child’s future does not have to pay a price.

Being “just a mom” provides stability and consistency in your child’s life…which in return creates a more stable and consistent adult.

Being “just a mom” is not a loss of identity it’s a title that should be worn proudly.

I believe if women begin to stand up and proudly say-“Yes I am “just a mom” and I am proud of it -that we would see a rise in history makers. I believe if the world had more women embracing the powerful unyielding influence a mother’s role plays in their child’s life we’d have many more children being leaders and not followers.

I am “just a mom” and to me that goes well beyond what the world says I am -for I know that being “just a mom” has long lasting impact well after I am dead and gone….


Children are a gift and if given this special gift….. being “just a mom” is fine by me…….

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