My Faith

I knew it was going to get crazy-wacky-zany out there but I didn’t know that it would happen while I was ‘fairly’ young.

There is so much hatred…such division…such anger out there that at times it makes me want to just pack up…head for Montana and live out my days on a farm….away from all the noise.

But I know I was born for such a time as this. God knew me before the foundation of the world. I am called to be here at this specific time in our world’s history… was not by accident that I am here and it is not accident that you are here either.

As I watch the news and I see the attack on our Constitution in several areas….I do know this….though the argument may be for the Constitution to evolve and change….the God breathed words found in the Bible do not and will not change.

We celebrate Easter in just a few days.

What is so awesome about Easter is that it is the ultimate picture of sacrifice and love. For God so loved the world that he gave. Jesus hung on that cross taking every sin of the world on his shoulders…he took it all…lust, greed, murder, sickness, disease, incest, molestation, rape, hypocrisy… the list is endless….and he took it for you and he took it for me. As he hung there on that tree, I believe he saw each one of our faces flash before his eyes……..

This world is changing. It is growing darker and darker….but when it’s dark out it’s easier to see a light. If you shined a light in the middle of the day…you wouldn’t see it as much….it’s in the darkness that light can shine bright. Deception is now our biggest enemy, good will appear bad and bad will appear good.

But….God will use you and me to step forward and speak up and speak out. It will not be easy….in fact it will be probably the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do, you’ll lose friends and even some family may turn away…but I will not let Jesus’ death on that cross be in vain. I will not be silent when evil tries to shut my mouth.

Jesus walked in love, he hung out with sinners, he defended the prostitute but after he defended the prostitute…he said “Go and sin NO More.”

 To embrace sin is rejecting everything Jesus did for you on that cross…

Love the sinner not the sin.

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