Very Easy Crock Pot dinner!

I love using the Crock Pot…it makes your home smell wonderful, is very easy to prepare a meal and the clean up is simple!
Last night I made a Creamy Chicken Chile over rice and it was great! I got the recipe from Pinterest…but I always change something (or almost everything) in most recipes I use, so below is what I made 🙂

1) Two chicken Breasts -cut and saute in 1/4cup water and 1/2 packet taco mix.
2) Then put in Crockpot
Add: Packet of Cream Cheese
         Can of Black beans (Rinsed)
         Can of Corn (rinsed)
         1/4 Onion…chopped finely
         1/2 cup to a Cup of Salsa-you can use Pace, (I used “Herdez) or any kind you have.
         Salt and Pepper to taste
         Tbsp Cumin
         Tbsp Chili Powder
3) Cook on low for 6hours
4) Serve over Rice, in a Tortilla or with a side of Tortilla Chips
5) Top with Sour Cream and cheese if you’d like!


Here is the link if you want to follow the exact recipe:

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