Women and their vote for Obama


Well much of the loss that was taken last Tuesday relates to Women and their vote for Obama.

Why did so many women Vote for Obama…well just ask one of them…..

“Republican’s want to take away my rights as a woman”

“Republican’s want to take us back to the 1920’s!”
“Republican’s don’t want us to be able to do whatever we want to our bodies”

These are many of the responses I am getting from those that gave Obama an attaboy last week.

Are any of these statements true? Well the Mainstream Media would have you think so….but I am sorry ladies…these are simply falsehoods! “Vote with your lady smarts…not your lady parts” to quote Michelle Malkin.

 We MUST educate ourselves and not let Hollywood educate for us!

I personally think many (not all) women were scared into voting for Obama.

Sadly many women rely on Hollywood and the Mainstream Media as news sources-

We have little Hollywoodstarlets like Eva Longoria, Beyonce, Scarlet Johanson out there spreading blatant lies and women believe, instead of researching the truth!

  • Women were told “If you don’t vote for Obama women will die”-because they would no longer receive cancer screenings and mammograms.

Many of these falsehoods surrounded Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood DOES not provide mammograms-to prevent breast cancer, and the “prevention” offered by PP is a pamphlet on how to check for lumps, and then they refer you to a physician that does offer mammograms… Go ahead….walk into one and ask for a mammogram! Do…and then tell me what they say! This is a lie and there is no evidence to prove these services are provided at Planned Parenthood! PP is for contraceptives and abortion….to suggest otherwise is hear-say…

  • Women were simply told that Romney/Republicans were going to take away Planned Parenthood

Yes……Republicans wanted to stop the use of our TAX dollars being used to fund Planned Parenthood’s billion dollar empire and instead let it be privately funded. (So NO planned parenthood was not going away!)
Major corporations are currently giving to Planned Parenthood: Yahoo, Morgan Chase, Johnson and Johnson, eBay, GE, AT&T …..So the money will not stop being funneled to Planned Parenthood. (newsinfaith.com).

Republicans simply believe that the American People should not have to pay for someone’s abortion.

(By the way the same goes for Sesame Street…it would totally be privately funded…wouldn’t go anywhere…and our tax dollars would be used to help this broken economy)

I bet very few Women know that – Whitehouse Women Employees are currently being paid 18% less than the men….. Did you know that? And that’s ok with you???

Above everything look at how the truth about Benghazi is now coming out. We were promised “transparency” by Obama and all we have gotten by this horrendous scandal is lies….four Americans are dead…and we are being fed lies.

“Well all politicians lie”…..and I would ask you -what are you doing about that!??? It is OUR job to hold them responsible!

 We need more women educating themselves and speaking up and speaking out!

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