The Republican Party

Uggghhhh…..rough night…..seriously!

Right now it would be very easy to sulk. To negatively talk about everyone that voted for Obama……. Do they know what they’ve just done? Do they understand the long term consequences? Was he elected because he was “popular” the “rock-star” president…”Mr. Cool?” Was it the trendy thing to do? Do people really comprehend what his reelection means for our country??

Ok…Ok…..breath…deep breaths…. 🙂

The REAL question is this “What did WE (the Republican Party) do wrong?”

I believe if the Republican Party does not make some serious changes…we will go extinct.
It’s as simple as this….we lost because we lost the minority and women vote!

That’s huge!

So let’s look at why that happened and what changes need to be made???
Well….for starters we have to reach out to minorities. I truly believe that because we have not reached out, minorities really don’t understand what our party is about.
Our loss on the woman vote is that we have allowed Hollywood/Main stream media to dictate what a Republican Woman looks like! Taking away our rights as women is NOT what the Republican Party is about…but the media would have ya think so!
How do we change this….what do we do!?

Well this problem is not going to be solved over night…but I know for certain changes/evolving has to take place. Am I saying that we run from our core beliefs, morals, and principles…no….I am saying we have to broaden our tent stakes, and educate, and invest our time into the lives of those who don’t “know” what being a Republican is. We have to present a clear picture of who/what being a republican means? I think we have allowed mainstream media to paint a horrific hate filled picture of us without really fighting back. 

At our core root, we the Republican Party are =Small Government, Pro-life and conservative in spending.

From here we branch out……

We educate
We listen to the other side
We compromise
We are open to new ideas
We operate on facts
We reach out with feeling
We inform
We get involved
We act
We solve problems
We openly accept and welcome All walks of life
We look out and speak up for the least among us…elderly and unborn

and we continue to put America and what she was founded upon…First.

We are the Republican Party…we will survive but we must transform.

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