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Hey you guys-

I know that I have not gone LIVE in a LOOOOOOONG time. No I haven’t disappeared, I have been with my family and took a little time off. Still following all that is going on and yes, it’s complete insanity.

This latest live actually is to encourage you. You might feel like things are out of control, you might feel like the walls are closing in, you might feel hopeless, but I want to tell you WE HAVE A HOPE.

Listen HERE for the latest or the link below:

Click HERE or the link below for just the audio on my podcast:

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One thought on “LIVE Commentary with Conservative Momma:

  1. Excellent, Rachel!! Such great insight and compelling case for our faith in Jesus first & foremost needed now more than ever! Glad you had the summer with your family and glad you’re back again! 🙏✝️❤️Debbie Hyatt

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