Eat the COOKIES!!!

“Put this experimental, non FDA approved substance in your body or else you lose your job!”

Uhhh, stop telling me this is a “choice.” This is FORCED COERCION and IT MUST STOP.

The below satire isn’t “over played,” it’s actually exactly what we are up against. In fact, Obama’s former Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, actually said that people who don’t put this experimental, non FDA approved substance in their body, should not be around children.

The LEFT is straight up crazy, and on a totalitarian power trip right now. Like, we’ve gone to full blown psychotic mode. These people want Absolute Power and Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This stops when we say “NO!”

Here is the latest “Eat the Cookies!”

Keep praying for this country you guys! Keep siding with freedom and keep being a VOICE!

Good wins. God wins.

4 thoughts on “Eat the COOKIES!!!

  1. Well, I resisted as long as I could; aged 70 and determined not to get the jab. However, daughter the travel nurse is working in a southern hospital in a university town and continues to text me regularly with stories of numerous 30 somethings who are unvaccinated and have contriacted some variant of Covid in the last two weeks. One is healthy male who is now on life support; another is healthy late 20s with Covid. She escorted him to ICU to be with his 50 something mom who died later today. Just got call from the church meals committee to help provide “soup and crackers and sick food” for 3 or 4 families who have been diagnosed. The dad of one of these families is young and in ICU. Big, healthy black man who they are making walk down the hall only once a day. Been hospitalized a full month and rest of the family slowly recovering.

    Because my husband has a blood disease, I broke down and got shot #1 because nurse daughter was so concerned I’d bring Covid home to him! I just couldn’t bear to see her extreme anxiety over her dad.

    This successful bio terror weapon has torn apart families as well as our nation. I thought the November 3 coup was the end of America, and it was. But, we are continuing to be tortured by a thousand cuts.

    I missed church for a month this summer, boycotting church due to the mask and social distancing mandate. Just returned for July. With the numbers of newly sick, mostly under age 55, I am sure we’ll end up complying with the higher ups!

    My prayer is to bear up under the effects of the Marxist coup, the Chinese bio terror attack, and satan’s last few years of cruel hate before our Redeemer returns.

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  2. The FDA usually takes 7 years, and they will get this approved in a 1 1/2 year time frame. The usual delay is trials. Well, MILLIONS have had the “trial”, and sure, some get mildly sick..that is normal body reaction. This vax saves millions of lives, and refusals to do it will cause mutation and those of us vaxxed will lose our own protection. Y’all didn’t get mumps, measles, small pox. No way will I go to a health care facility where employees aren’t vaxxed.

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