“Can I Dr. Fauci?”

It’s gotten weird….like cult weird.

Over the weekend Dr. Fauci said we might not be able to celebrate Christmas with our families this year because of covid and new variants.  After being ridiculed over this statement, he walked it back. 

It is absolutely amazing to me the people who actually follow what Fauci says. The guy has been caught lying multiple times and he also lied under oath, not to mention his incredibly shady past with gain of function research. What I can’t understand are the people that do what he says. So, naturally, I had to expose the absurdity. 

Here is my latest satire “Can I Dr. Fauci?

You can also click here: https://rumble.com/vnd0te-can-i-dr.-fauci.html

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One thought on ““Can I Dr. Fauci?”

  1. Don Fauci: In childhood we played a backyard game called “Giant Steps” or “Mother may I?” Particants would ask the leader for permission to take a steps (baby steps, giant steps, sizzor steps, etc) and the leader “aka Mother Caesar or “Don Caesar” would give you a thumbs up or down allowing us to get closer to our goal post or make us take steps aside or even backwards. I’m having a deja vu.


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