This is hilarious: “Starbucks Sensitivity Training.” MUST WATCH!

Okay, I needed to laugh and this was sent to me through email and I have to share it! It’s hilarious, had me crying.

Today over 8,000 Starbuck’s stores across the country have closed their doors for “anti-bias” sensitivity training.  Around 180,000 employees at Starbucks stores and at its headquarters are taking the training from a “tool kit” and the intention is to “focus on understanding prejudice and the history of public accommodations in the United States.” Future training will address “all aspects of bias and experience.”

I could care less that they are closed. I haven’t had Starbuck’s in years. The minute they started pushing the Liberal lefitist political agenda- I was out.

The reason this training is taking place is because back in April, in Philadelphia, a Starbuck’s manager called the police- because two Black Men in the store were staying in the store but not buying anything and one was denied to use the restroom because they were not a paying customer. The police arrested the men for trespassing but later let them go and apologized for the incident.

So now Starbuck’s is letting anyone in the store -paying or not paying, and they are free to use the restroom! This has caused some drama, because some have wanted to sleep in the restrooms, and there has been drug use and other uncouth behavior taking place. It’s kind of a cluster F for Starbuck’s.

So here’s to their “Sensitivity training” ……enjoy 😉

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