Roseanne’s show- CANCELED, my thoughts.

Let me preface this by saying, I love Roseanne. Being a woman that comes from the acting world and uses comedy to influence – I think Roseanne is in a league of her own. She is pure talent.

Today ABC Network canceled the most popular sitcom on television-“Roseanne” after Roseanne tweeted a comment about Obama’s former senior adviser Valerie Jarret.

“Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.” -The VJ standing for Valerie Jarret. 2018-05-29_1240

Rosanne did apologize:…..2018-05-29_1244

……But the damage was done and swift action was immediately taken by ABC’s  Entertainment President Channing Dungey: “Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show.”

I wish ABC would have been as quick to give Joy Behar the boot after her appearance on the View on February 13 ,2018. Behar slammed Vice President Pence’s faith by saying that hearing from Jesus is actually called “mental illness.” That is an insult to every Christian out there- and is extremely offensive-but not a word from ABC!

Or let’s also look at comedian Michelle Wolf-who said insanely hateful and mean spirited things about Sarah Huckabee at the White House Correspondence Dinner, and what happened to her? Oh right- she got a show on Netflix! And Liberal Bill Maher comparing our President to an Orangutan is totally fine too-

The double standard and treatment of Conservatives versus Liberals is sickening. Liberals can slam the right with no consequence, but if a Conservative slams the left- their life is ruined.

Now, I’m not going to excuse Roseanne’s actions, she should not have tweeted this about Valerie Jarret. Insulting the outer appearance of any individual, will lose the argument every single time. Win the argument by KNOWING more than your opponent. Win the argument with FACTS. Win the argument with STATISTICS. Insults only allow your opponent to claim victim-hood- don’t let them!

We are free in this country to speak freely, that’s are First Amendment right, but we are not free from the consequences. We have stopped THINKING before doing as a society. We want to be witty, quick and clever and often it’s done carelessly-I am guilty of this. I am sure Roseanne would take this tweet back in a heartbeat if she could. I have tweeted things I shouldn’t have, and I know I have definitely said things I shouldn’t have – I am fallible, I am human.

I will truly miss Roseanne’s show. She is a gem, and has the ability to address political issues through situation comedy- which is not an easy feat. I believe in second chances and perhaps another network out there does too.

Love you Roseanne-


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6 thoughts on “Roseanne’s show- CANCELED, my thoughts.

  1. Ridiculous!! I love her show. After things I have heard about Trump and now you want to take away peoples jobs. I love her show. Who are these people who make these decisions? I have watched speaches from beginning to end watch people take that speach totally out of context. Get over yourself!!! Next lets just take away our right to have opinions at all. Grow up people and give us back our show.


  2. I began reading this article with urgent anticipation but am leaving deeply unsatisfied. The article promises to discuss your thoughts on the recent decision, and maybe even (if I’m being optimistic) to examine your views on the contextual roles this plays in our tweet-laden society. Sadly, much of the article is spent discussing the plot line of events (or tweets as it were), the actions of people who aren’t Roseanne, the actions of people who are Roseanne, and (briefly) implications of the First Amendment in an increasingly interconnected world.

    Speaking of statistics: you use 2.25 times MORE words talking about your feelings of actions of people other than Roseanne in this article. Your mention of Joy Bear, Michelle Wolf, and Bill Maher all serve to conflate, confuse, and normalize the heinous actions of them (and Roseanne) to your readers. Using the two previous commenters as some sort of sample (not scientific, but it’ll do), it appears this strategy, if you meant it as such, worked. Both commenters have similar views and just want ‘our show’ back. They don’t, at least by their comments, appear to have received any interesting or enlightening commentary that made them ponder the delicate intricacies of the First Amendment, corporate censorship, or the risks of aggrandized conspiracy theorists and twitter. There might be, for instance, an interesting intersection between the Roseanne tweet and the new NFL no-kneeling policy where an dissection of what your true feelings and thoughts are would reveal a more honest, less partisan, opinion.

    Reviewing a few other of your recent blog posts is appears this follows a similar trend (e.g. an article in which you spend 0 words commenting on James Comey’s words, and ALL OF THE WORDS commenting on James Comey and Hillary Clinton). And if that’s the way you feel and think then perfect – you have all the rights in the world to write as you do. To this humble reader, it seems fruitless and more like a treadmill than a road to begin an argument, passage, or thought in one direction and quickly begin rationalizing with the “other people have done it too” logic. Awesome. I’m sure lots of other people have done a lot of other actions. To readers, it detracts from the uniqueness and validity of your own thoughts to begin with a title about your “thoughts on Roseanne” and end up in a place more like a “Buzzfeed list of other people kinda like Roseanne” (in fact maybe this article would have been better titled as such.) Have you thought about writing articles that stay focused and don’t devolve into finger pointing for excuses on the other side? (These type of articles are certainly more challenging to write.) Or maybe you could just morph in more of a Buzzfeed top 10 list style, as seems more apt by your current style.

    What do you think?


  3. I love Roseanne and will miss her.. I truly was looking forward to tues night and began watching reruns too. Now those were taked away. A great injustice and double standard shown.


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