GOP now leads Reuters generic ballot daily tracking poll, if Midterm Election was held today!!! (VIDEO included)

I keep hearing about a “Blue Wave,” I’ll be honest the sound of it turns my stomach, it make me nauseous just thinking about it. That’s why I do what I do, that’s why I speak up and speak out for The Truth! After Trump won, people went nuts! We saw protests, marching in the streets, the birth of ANTIFA… was a hostile divisive time. I mean in the left’s eyes-we just elected Hitler. Democrats and the Media literally acted like the Apocalypse was at hand, the end was upon us!


We saw the most “tolerant” individuals become the most intolerant. Everything Republicans, Conservatives or Trump supporters supported became classified as “hate-filled” or racist. We witnessed the Mainstream Media expose themselves as a wing of the Democrat Party, fueling divisive propaganda. Politics were not allowed to be discussed at family gatherings because people were ticking time bombs that would literally explode if you said you supported Trump. I had a distant relative who claims to be soooo tolerant write me and tell me I was “hate filled.” Why? Because I support a limited government? Because I defend life in the womb? Because I believe in U.S. sovereignty? Because I believe if we put America first the rest of the world is also strengthened? Because I believe in fiscal responsibility? Because I believe in school choice? Because I believe in individual liberty? Because I believe the Constitution must be adhered to? Because that is what a Conservative is! It was not my support of Conservatism that made me “full of hate,” it was the fact that I supported and do support our President.  It was because I was able to set emotion aside and focus on Policy. I was able to shut out the propaganda and noise. I would not allow myself to be set off by a tweet I didn’t like, words spoken in private over a decade ago, speeches taken completely out of context and so forth-I was armed with the truth and when you are, nothing can shake you.


Over the last year and a half I have received message after message of people telling me they are waking up. They are finding the truth. Democrats telling me that will never vote Democrat again. Left wing hippies telling me they appreciate the fact that a poltician is not sitting in the Oval Office. Liberals, laughing at my satire and writing to tell me they can agree on a few things with me. I am personally witnessing a transformation.  Most recently we witnessed figureheads in culture speak out in support of free thought. Chance the Rapper and Kanye West, encouraging free thinking.

2018-05-22_1352 2018-05-22_1349

More and more individuals across the country have become determined to find the truth at all costs, even if the truth exposes ones own fallacies.  Logic has began replacing emotion. Group Think is now being challenged. Everything that can be shaken is being shaken and when the dust settles only truth will remain standing. I want to be on the side of truth. That is my quest. I want to know the truth in every facet of life. To wholeheartedly disagree with Oprah, there is not a “your truth” or “my truth” there is only THE TRUTH. Facts will win the argument in every debate. More are no longer allowing their emotions to be manipulated because emotion in decision making is being abandoned.

Mid-Terms are around the corner. On November 6th people will either vote for the policies that Trump has implemented or they will reject them.  For the first time this cycle, the GOP is now leading the Reuters generic ballot daily tracking poll  38.1% to 36.7%, Dems were up double digits in April…..2018-05-22_1140

My question is what is the Democrat strategy going to be? Whether you are a Democrat, Conservative, Libertarian, Independent….. the policies that Trump has implemented have been GOOD for America and EVERY AMERICAN. Perhaps the below video is the strategy that will be used by the Dems to get out the vote in November….

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