Taking a Break -but I will be back.

We all fight battles. Some we win and some we lose. I have been fighting a battle with social media, and today I will admit, I have lost. I started blogging five years ago. I was a new mom, concerned about the world I was going to be raising my children in. I was passionate about politics and had a love for Conservatism. I dove all in, and started writing. With a background in acting, improv comedy, directing and producing -the videos naturally followed four years later. I grew up watching Saturday Night Live, and the late night talk shows I loved them. As our country has drifted further and further left, I saw that Conservatives were not welcome in the late night TV arena. So I started doing more videos, bent more towards comedy, in the attempt to give a voice to Conservatives.
My Facebook page grew, my twitter grew, my Youtube gained a small following too. It was on Youtube that I first saw my videos being marked as “unsuitable” for advertisers. As a Conservative Mom, doing political Satire, I was unable to monetize my videos. I then saw Facebook not allow me to boost my posts or videos, which had allowed me to drive traffic to my website. Facebook also would not allow some videos to be shared at all. My Twitter following came to a complete stand still. My videos that once had Millions and Hundreds of Thousands of views, now seeing only a couple thousand. My voice and the voice of many others silenced. In order to make up for the inability to monetize and drive traffic to my site I started a Patreon and Paypal account to counter. Facebook then started a new algorithm, making it almost impossible for my videos to be seen at all. A little over a month ago,I started a Live show, hoping that perhaps Live video could not be suppressed, it has been. Now only about 4% of my page sees my videos.
It has been a battle. At this point, I am taking a break from it all.
I believe in Conservatism. I believe in getting the RIGHT people elected. I believe in changing people’s minds and hearts, and the Social Media Giants, have handicapped my ability to do so here. There has got to be another way, and returning to a grassroots game where I started in creatively consulting candidates might be a good start.
First and foremost I need to spend some time with God. To ask Him just exactly what HE wants me to do next. My sole existence is to please HIM. Knowing that I am walking in HIS WILL and not my own, is all that really matters. I know that HE will direct my path.
I want to thank you all for your support. I will say you really find out who your friends are when you speak up politically.
I am eternally grateful to those that have supported and stood by me through all the heat.
I will still blog and post here and there -this is not a forever goodbye, but a much needed break. Might have lost this battle, but we win the war.

11 thoughts on “Taking a Break -but I will be back.

  1. OH my goodness I am so sad to read this! But I TOTALLY understand too. It is a hard hard battle, and on behalf of us who are not able to be completely in the fray as you have–THANK YOU. What you have done is so worth it, and had advanced our cause–to the point where we are a threat bc that’s why they are shutting us down! Hang in there–I look forward to watching/reading when you come back!
    (We need a conservative to start an alternative to fb/twitter/etc!)


  2. Hope you don’t give up forever. Conservatives have a huge war ahead of us. The left is organized, well funded, and way ahead of us in their efforts to destroy this great country. Somehow, we have to stop them and turn things back around. Best of luck to you.


  3. Rest, but please don’t let them beat you. What you do is important. Us conservatives are seeing what we stand for being snuffed out and trampled upon all over the world. I don’t want darkness to win. You have been an important light.

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  4. Don’t give up. Thank you for speaking for all of us. It’s horrifying to hear you’re being censored which is quite frankly unAmerican. You are smart, funny and adorable. You saved my spirit many a day when I thought no one understood our viewpoint. Thank you & I look forward to more of your fabulous videos.

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  5. I loved your work. It always brought a smile
    to my face and thought to my mind. I understand your frustration at the censorship. Please do come back.


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  6. This is unacceptable. Censorship should never be allowed. I get my news from Dennis Michael Lynch or DML. He is on Facebook and has an app for news. They are censoring him as well. Check it out.

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  7. This is so so scary! You keep it though! I too and a conservative momma trying to do same thing as you but in the beginning stages. I am not looking forward to the roadblocks ahead but together all of us can put an end to this suppression!

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